Basic Escape Room Rules You Need to Know

Escape Room Rules

In 2023, there will be about 2,290 escape room businesses in the US.

Are you an escape room enthusiast? If you are new to the concept, an escape room is where a group of people tries to solve puzzles to leave a room within a set amount of time. Although at-home escape room games became all the rage this past year, there are many escape rooms worldwide.

Of course, there are escape room rules that are necessary to lead a successful room. If the rules of escape rooms are followed, it can help the experience for everyone.

If you’re considering playing an escape room in an actual setting or looking to host at your location, you must know the escape room rules. That’s why we’ve created this article.

Below, we’ll discuss a few things you need to know about escape room rules. Keep reading to learn more!

All Phones Must Be Left Outside

Keeping phones outside of the room prevents any potential distractions. It allows each participant to be focused and give the game their best effort.

Not adhering to this rule can also be a safety risk. Flashing screens and phones buzzing can distract people and make them more likely to have accidents.

Furthermore, phones and other digital devices can wreak havoc on the electronics and delicate puzzles inside the room. It can ruin the fun for everyone at the escape party. 

No Sharing of Clues or Hints

You won’t enjoy the escape room experience if you and your teammates share answers. Everyone must be actively involved, searching and solving puzzles to escape. It’s also possible to give too much information, leaving the others feeling like they have nothing to do — which is no fun.

The real enjoyment comes from working with and competing against your teammates. If someone on your team has a great idea, encourage your team to think about the idea. Keep the answer and solution private. 

There is a Time Limit

Generally, most rooms provide an hour to complete the challenge. Keeping track of the time is critical; players should know when the timer begins and how much time remains. If the team fails to complete the challenge before the time limit is up, they may lose the chance to win.

Different facilities will also differ in their time limits and specific rules. When visiting a facility, check out their maze rooms, as specific themes will also have something different to offer.

Do Not Destroy the Props

The props can help you solve the puzzles and be essential to achieving your objective. Not only will destroying props ruin the game for the other players, but it can also damage the escape room’s equipment and impede a successful escape. This rule is essential for those more eager to solve puzzles and exit the room. 

Follow Escape Room Rules and Enjoy the Experience

There are several escape room rules you need to keep in mind. Not using smartphones, not destroying props, and knowing how the escape room works are vital to having an enjoyable experience. Try your next escape room adventure today to test your problem-solving skills, and have a blast!

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