AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam certification

AZ-304, known as Microsoft Azure architect design, is the learning path intended to help learners start their preparations and make them professionals in their career with these Az-304 certification exams.

It will take the tech skills of candidates to the next level.AZ-304 is a certification exam that measures the candidate’s ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: 

  • To design monitoring.
  • To develop identity and security.
  • To plan storage data.
  • To build business continuity.
  • And to create infrastructure.


Azure Architecture:

An Azure Architect or Azure Solutions Architect is a Cloud Architect that builds solutions for Microsoft Azure Cloud.

A typical Architect is a senior technical person with at least ten years of experience managing and building software solutions.

If we talk about responsibilities for an Azure Solution Architect, Includes:

Advising stakeholders and translating business requirements into a cure, scalable, and reliable cloud solutions.

An Azure Solution Architect partners with cloud administrators, clients to implement solutions, and cloud DBAs.

Azure Certification Benefits: AZ-304:

There are many benefits of Azure certifications here we will discuss some of them:

  • AZ-304 is the latest azure exam and makes your professional career up to date.
  • In terms of job prospects and future earning, this certification leads candidates to rampant increment in both ways.
  • Almost 70-75% of people agree that Azure certification has improved their earning, and 85% of people have seen better job prospects after getting this certification.
  • Updating your social media profile, such as Linkedin and Twitter, will boost candidates’ job profiles and increase your chances of getting a well-established career.

AZ-304: Microsoft Azure Architect Design Detailed Guide:

The Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification is mainly designed for those kinds of individuals who want to build their solid career in the Microsoft Azure Domain.

The Microsoft Azure Architect Design Certification verifies that the candidate possesses fundamental knowledge, proven skills, and experience in the Microsoft MCE Azure Solution Architect field.

AZ-304 is the latest then AZ-303 and most demanding exam certification of Azure exams, so you need to prepare it well.

Here I will let you know some of the Exam Details:

Exam Name:                                    Microsoft Certified- Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

Exam Code:                                               AZ-304.

Exam Price:                                             165$

Exam Duration:                                          150 minutes.

Number of Questions:                                40 to 60.

Passing score:                                          700 out of 1000.

Book for Training:                                     AZ-304T00-A: Microsoft Azure Architect Design.

Exam Domains:                                       total five domains.

AZ-304 Exams Domains:

There are five-course domains of AZ-304 exam certification, and I will let you know about their percentage values.

              Course Name:                    Percentage Weightage:
Design Monitoring.    10-15%
Design Identity and Security.     25-30%
Design Data Storage.    15-20%
Design Business Continuity:     10-15%
Design Infrastructure.      25-30%

Difference Between AZ-301 And AZ-304:

AZ-304 is the advanced term of Azure Certification, and here we will let you know about the main differences between Azure-304 and Azure-301.

AZ-301 was considered heavily towards requirement gathering and designs, whereas AZ-304 defines more about strategies and recommendations.

As for the latest technologies and the new world, AZ-301 was an old version and didn’t include all the latest requirements, and AZ-304 is the latest one proven to be the most advanced technology-related examination. And candidates who achieve AZ-304 are up-to-date in their professional tech careers.

AZ-301 was relatively easy and somehow simple compared with AZ-304 because AZ-304 is complex and requires a lot of knowledge and practice.

AZ-301 consists of six domains, and AZ-304 has five significant fields.

Difference Between AZ-303 And AZ-304:

AZ-303 contains less about software design and was more about identity and security, infrastructure, and monitoring. So it was not covering all the essential fields at that time.

And Az-304 is advanced azure certification, including all of its primary domains.

Az-303 exams questions based on technical operations and their implementations and the AZ-304 exam is based on questions based around customer requirements.

It was not an easy walk to gain your Azure Expert Badge in AZ-303, but AZ-304 exam certification is much challenging to qualify.

How Do You Study Azure 304 Certification:

AZ-304 exam certification study and preparations require almost five to six months.

You can ultimately achieve your set target if you correctly follow your study calendar.

There are different online documents and websites you can follow to prepare for Azure 304 certification.

All of those study guides are available on different websites.

Here I am going to share my personal experience of the ExamsTrust website.

You can prepare AZ-304 exam dumps questions answers, study guides, pdf files, sample questions, and all other things via the ExamsTrust website.

They also offer free exams guide and training courses, so you can also participate in those courses.

All you need to do is be determined and motivated while starting your Microsoft Azure Architect Design exam certification preparations.

Here I will discuss some of the essential tips you can completely follow to achieve your future goals.

    • At first, you have to create a study calendar.
    • Make sure to follow one or two helpful websites to get to know your study materials.
    • Secure access to virtual networks.
  • Practice with stimulators and Mock exams
  • Take online training, sample exams, and lab tests.
  • Should attend Online lectures, Sample questions, pdf files, and study guides.
  • There are different online courses you can attend for AZ-304 preparations.
  • ExamsTrust and other websites also offer Free Microsoft AZ-304 Exam Questions & Answers so that it can be helpful for your preps.

What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get After Azure 304 Exams Certification?

Azure exam certification in 304 is the certification for Azure Architecture.

here is the list of the jobs you can get with the Microsoft Azure Certification, such as:

  • You can apply for several different roles in IT technology.
  • Can apply for Solution Architect.
  • Azure Lab Work.
  • You can build your future as Advising Stakeholders.
  • Business translator.
  • Architecture Developer.
  • Cloud Architect.

The candidates qualifying for this exam offer flexibility in their type of role and the industry they work in, improve work feasibility, and improve curriculum resumes. It also maximizes the salary of IT professionals after the AZ-304 certification and updates high-profile professional careers.


I hope you like this Az-304 informative guide, and you can achieve your Azure certification goals by following the simple tips and tricks that I have discussed in this article.