17 Awesome Things to See and Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

Did you know that 9% of visitors to Colorado Springs come to visit the parks and trails?

You’re in Colorado Springs for a few days and don’t know what to do.

There are so many things to see and do in Colorado Springs, it can be hard to know where to start!

Keep reading and check out this list of the 17 best things to do in Colorado Springs. This list has something for everyone, so you can make the most of your time in this amazing city.

1. Take a Scenic Drive Down Pikes Peak

If you want to get a taste of the Rocky Mountains without all of the hiking, then a drive down Pikes Peak is a must. The 19-mile road takes you up to an elevation of 14,115 feet and offers stunning panoramic views of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

2. Visit the Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colorado Springs, and for good reason. This free park is full of towering red sandstone rock formations that are simply incredible to behold. You can hike or bike through the park, or even take a horse-drawn carriage ride.

3. Tour the U.S. Olympic Training Center

If you’re a fan of athletics (or just want to see where the world’s best athletes train), then you’ll want to check out the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Tour the facilities and learn about the training program that has produced so many gold medalists.

4. Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the highest zoos in the country, boasting stunning views of Colorado Springs. The zoo is home to over 750 animals, including giraffes, tigers, and bears. You can even feed some of the animals!

5. Explore Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is a charming historic district with tons of independent shops and restaurants. Stroll down the brick-paved streets and soak up the small-town atmosphere.

6. Visit the Manitou Cliff Dwellings

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are a must-see for history buffs. These well-preserved dwellings were once home to the Anasazi people, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.

7. Hike Through Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a beautiful area just outside of Colorado Springs that offers hiking, biking, and climbing opportunities. The red sandstone cliffs are simply stunning, and there are plenty of trails to explore.

8. Take a Walk or Bike Ride Through Palmer Park

Palmer Park is one of the largest parks in Colorado Springs and offers miles of trails to explore. This is a great place to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

9. Visit the Broadmoor Seven Falls

Seven Falls is a series of seven waterfalls that cascade down a red rock cliff. The falls are located in a box canyon, so you’ll need to take a shuttle to get there. Once you’re at the falls, you can hike to the top for some stunning views.

10. Get Your Thrills at Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Elitch Gardens Theme Park is Denver’s premier amusement park, and it’s just a short drive from Colorado Springs. The park features over 50 rides, including roller coasters, water slides, and more.

There’s also an arcade, concert venue, and plenty of food options.

11. Go Whitewater Rafting on the Arkansas River

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular activities in Colorado, and the Arkansas River is one of the best places to go. The river has several sections with different challenges, so there’s something for everyone.

With its dramatic scenery and abundance of wildlife, the Arkansas River is a truly unique place to raft. Guided tours are available through several outfitters in Colorado Springs, and these tours are a great way to enjoy the river while staying safe.

The guides are experienced rafters who know the river well, and they’ll make sure that you have a great time while staying safe.

12. Visit Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers visitors the chance to explore caves located beneath a towering cliff face. The caves are cool and refreshing, and the views from the top of the cliff are truly incredible.

Visitors can take guided tours of the caves, or they can explore on their own. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife watching.

Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a chance to commune with nature, Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is sure to delight you.

13. Take a Stroll Through Memorial Park

Memorial Park is a beautiful green space in downtown Colorado Springs. The park honors veterans with a variety of monuments, and also features a pond, playground, and walking/biking trails.

Memorial Park is the perfect place to spend a summer day picnicking with friends, playing fetch with your dog, or just enjoying the fresh air. The pond is a popular spot for cooling off on hot days, and the playground is always full of laughter.

The walking/biking trails are perfect for a stroll or a vigorous workout, and the scenic views are sure to please any nature lover.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or an active way to spend some time outdoors, Memorial Park is sure to have something for you.

14. Shop at the Broadmoor Outlets

The Broadmoor Outlets are a shopper’s paradise, offering discounts on name-brand clothing and merchandise. With over 60 stores in the outlet mall, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

The stores range from high-end retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th and Nordstrom Rack to more affordable options like J.Crew Factory and Gap Outlet.

Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to find something to suit your needs at the Broadmoor Outlets. In addition to clothing, the outlets also offer a variety of home goods, electronics, and cosmetics.

You can easily spend an entire day exploring all that the Broadmoor Outlets have to offer. So whether you’re looking for a new outfit or just want to browse, be sure to check out the Broadmoor Outlets next time you’re in town.

15. Visit Seven Bridges Trailhead

Seven Bridges Trailhead is the starting point for a popular hiking trail that winds through seven different bridges. The trail is relatively easy, making it a great option for families or those new to hiking.

The bridges span a variety of different landscapes, from rushing rivers to tranquil lakes. Along the way, hikers can take in scenic views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

The trail is well-marked and well-maintained, making it a safe and enjoyable hike for all. At the end of the trail, hikers can relax and soak in the views from the final bridge before heading back to the trailhead.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a first-timer, Seven Bridges Trail is sure to provide a memorable experience.

16. Check out the Streetcar Museum

The Streetcar Museum is a unique attraction that features vintage streetcars from the early 1900s. You can ride on one of the cars, or simply learn about the history of mass transit in Colorado Springs.

The museum is located in an old streetcar barn, and it houses a collection of vintage streetcars from all over the world. The streetcars are operated by a team of volunteer drivers, and they offer rides to visitors throughout the day.

In addition to the streetcars, the museum also features a variety of exhibits on mass transit history. These exhibits include photos, maps, and artifacts from the early days of public transportation in Colorado Springs.

The Streetcar Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning about the history of mass transit in Colorado Springs.

17. Soak in the Hot Springs at Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a picturesque town nestled at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado. It is home to several natural hot springs, which are said to have healing properties.

The springs have been used by Native Americans for centuries, and today they are a popular tourist destination.

There are several commercial operations where you can pay to use the springs, or you can hike to some of the more remote springs for a more rustic experience.

Either way, spending time in the hot springs is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The mineral-rich water is soothing and the heat can help to loosen tight muscles.

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