AVG Antivirus – Best Antivirus App for Android Mobiles

Have you heard of AVG Antivirus? Yes! You have heard this name several times. And you are also using this AVG Antivirus for your PC/Desktop now or earlier. The best part of AVG is the quality of removing the harmful virus from your system. AVG has the capability to find the Virus from hidden files. Because of these extraordinary qualities AVG is considered one of the Best Antivirus. Now AVG is moving bit further as it is available on Google Play Store. below in this article, we will cover the Best Antivirus App for Android Mobiles.

Best Antivirus App for Android Mobiles
Best Antivirus App for Android Mobiles

Download FREE AVG ANTIVIRUS for Android Phones

The moment AVG was launched on Google Play Store. It has been in the list of top 10 Antivirus. Till now over 100 million people have downloaded AVG Antivirus on their Android device. Yes! the number is 100 million and is rising every day. This time AVG is having several free features for the users. These free features of AVG make it different from other Antivirus.

Features of AVG Antivirus

  • AVG Antivirus has theft feature.
    This feature helps to secure your Android Device. It has the capability of tracking your Device location and do more when Android device is stolen.
  • Kill Task
    This is the best ever function in Antivirus. It helps us in saving space of our device. We don’t have to download any third party Application for Task Killer as AVG do by its own.
  • Lock Sensitive Apps
    It has the capability of locking several applications on your Android device. You can lock all your important Apps through the lock. You can do these lock by several methods.
  • Scan Website URL
  • Daily Automatic Scan.
  • Secure Android from Phishing Attacks.
  • It has several other cool features. You need to download Free AVG antivirus to know its best service.

Last Words

This AVG Antivirus is free to download and available for every Android Phone. You can download the Free AVG antivirus . AVG will boost your Android phone with more RAM, more Space, more Protection and several other advantages of Android device. I would suggest you download this AVG antivirus now as it is providing free trial for new users on its pro version so download now and share this article.