Australian Gambling Industry And Online Casino News 

Online Casino News

You cannot possibly talk about countries with increasing love for online casinos and exclude Australia. The country remains one of the best places where gambling industries continue to boom and thrive, hence, the reason for more of its adult embracing the best online casino bonuses Australia. It is fantastic to know that in 2018, the estimated amount of money spent by Australian adults was above 20 billion Australian dollars.

However, this sum covers just varieties of games such as lotto, e-gaming, and other gaming. Moreover, to back the claim that the gambling industry in Australia keeps thriving from time to time, the country’s economy welcomed a contribution of about 500 million Australian dollars in gross value, all from the gambling industry.

That being said, it is no doubt that the gambling industry has gotten one of the most fertile grounds for its business to continue booming from time to time. The market attracts more gambling investment leading to continuous growth, especially online. A couple of things may have been responsible for the rise in the number of Aussies gamblers, improving the gambling industry in Australia as well. 

How Australian Gambling Industry is Thriving

As said earlier, Australia is a wealthy home to the gambling industry, contributing heavily to its economy. While there are many gambling forms in the country, Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) have become the most popular gambling form. However, this is according to capita expenditure. Findings have shown that people wager moat on this form of gambling. Gamblers can easily locate EGMs across various places in Australia, such as clubs, pubs, and even the popular casino stationed in large open spaces for gamblers to play their favorite gambling. 

Additionally, most gamblers who love horseracing and greyhound racing also can access these forms of gambling anywhere related to commercial or recreational gambling centres. Thanks to the availability of TAB (Totalizator Agency Board) and UBET. These two facilities can also be accessed whenever players visit places such as betting shops under the ownership and management of Tabcorp. This is a near-monopoly owner of brick-and-mortar game shops and lotteries. Despite the popularity of Tabcorp, it is still surprising that online wagering sites are still a big threat to them, despite launching its online platform as well. 

Electronic Gaming Machines and Other Gamings

Coming close to Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and other gamings, Australia has been fertile soil for the racing industry, making them enjoy a high profile across the country. Although many regards are racing events as social events in Australia, making it while most people engage in it. It is worth knowing that the Melbourne Cup Carnival remains the most prestigious and popular racing event. The event took place at the racecourse in Melbourne, hosted by the Victorian Turf Club. Australia’s most prestigious race event was dubbed “a race that brings the nation to a halt.” Thanks to massive viewers who made this possible across the nation and widespread gambling participation. 

The Queensland government in Australia had earlier said that the gambling industry in the country continues to soar higher. However, there was even a drastic rise during the pandemic, which saw everywhere locked. This brought a rise to the number of online gamblers even to 78 percent, showing that half of the country’s citizens gamble daily. It was further said that the Australian gambling market as of 2019 was more than 225 billion Australian dollars. 

Trends in Gambling in Australia

Different new sources have said that the government of Australia generates a huge income from the gambling industry in the country, including SydneyNewsToday. Lots of casinos go directly to the government, fetching billions yearly. A flashback to 2008 and 2009 showed that the government had 5 billion Australian dollars in taxes from just Victoria Casino. One of the things the Aussies love most is gambling. As a result of these gambling activities, there is a rise in the employment rate. 

Thanks to the commitment, about 20,000 Aussies were absorbed in brick-and-mortar casinos in 2009. Also, the number of Aussies playing the best online casino in Australia saw a rise. According to some stats, about 96 percent of the Australian gamblers fall between the age gap of 18 and 24, showing that these people have at least attempted a gambling form. The gambling industry has witnessed certain trends in Australia. Although the trends are not limited to this, however, some of these trends are:

  • Modern pokies selection versatility. Often referred to as slot machines by some, this remains the most popular gambling category among gamblers in Australia. Their undying love for gambling has made almost every casino provide players with various choices for slot machines of varying types. Some of these include jackpot pokies and classics. 
  • The latest and new options to deposit. Before the rise in the gambling industry in Australia, there were limited options to make deposits – only credit cards and a few e-wallets were available for payments. With a boom in the Australian gambling industry, with the advancement and rapid expansion of the gambling industry in Australia, players are now provided with varieties of payment options, including crypto and bank transfer.

Live Dealer Games Availability Increase

There has been a continuous expansion in live dealer games for the Aussies since these became an option. Live dealers in different online casinos have continued to witness new players daily. Due to the comfort associated with this, gamblers across the nation love to play from their homes. On the other hand, other gamblers move to bet with a specific dealer and other players. 

A few years back, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people grew more likeness in live dealer games. As a result of quarantine and movement restrictions, many could not access brick-and-mortar casinos. Hence, many of them switched to gambling online. Providing players with a more immersive experience, most players who are used to land-based casinos are now used to this option. 


Different sectors contribute to the development of the Australian economy, but it is evident that the gambling industry in Australia is doing more than most people think. The gambling industry in Australia will not seem to experience any slow growth any moment from. With the continual advancement in the world of technology, Australia’s gambling industry will continue to incorporate them as much as possible, helping players improve their gambling experience.