Arjun Reddy Full Movie – Story, Cast & Crew, Box Office Collection

Arjun Reddy Full Movie

Arjun Reddy, a Telugu drama Film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. The movie is going to make a remake in Bollywood named as Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapoor in the lead. The Tollywood movie is about a short-tempered guy deep into smoking and drinking because of his girlfriend leaving him. It stars Vijay Deverakonda in the lead.

Arjun Reddy Full Movie Story

Here the actor is studying as a final year student in a college named St. Mary’s Medical College which is in Mangalore, India. He is a brilliant student and has been studying as a surgeon. but, despite being a good student he has been suffering from severe anger management issues that have been troubling the dean of his college.

His aggressive nature also earned him a good reputation in front of his college juniors as a famous college bully. Adding to this, one day after having a brawl with the opposing football team Player, the college dean ordered Arjun to either apologize or leave the college. He initially chooses the latter but still decides to stay after he meets a first-year girl named Preethi Shetty.

Arjun Fell In Love With Preethi

One day Arjun and his friend Shiva enter Preethi’s classroom and announced in front of the classroom that he fell in love with Preethi and she is exclusive to him. Initially, Preethi gets afraid of Arjun and thus starts adjusting herself to Arjun’s intolerable attitude that he possesses. But eventually, with time she started reciprocating feelings for Arjun and lastly develops an intimate relationship for him.

Later Arjun graduates with an MBBS degree in Orthopedic Surgery. Over the course of time, their relationship grows stronger and than Arjun and Preethi plans to meet up at Preethi’s place where Preethi’s dad unknowingly sees them kissing and throws him out of anger. Her father doesn’t agree to their relationship when he got to know everything about them as he was very strict with the caste difference and thus her parents take certain steps like they seized her phone to keep her away from Arjun. As Preethi tried to meet him up but eventually her father forcibly married her to a guy from their caste.

When Arjun got to know about her marriage he and Shiva went to her house to protest against her forced marriage but in turn, gets arrested for making a scene that resulted to harm Arjun’s father reputation and thus his father ostracises him from his home.

Arjun Faces Problems Due To His Destructive Habits.

With time, taking Shiva’s help he finds a rented apartment and eventually joins a private hospital and works as a surgeon. He starts taking drugs, alcohol and also took many one nights stands for coping up with his emotions and heartbreak. Soon he becomes a successful surgeon but his drinking habits seem to risk his career which worries his friends Shiva and Kamal.

Shiva persuades one of his patients, Jia Sharma, a leading film star, to have friends with benefits relationship with him but this ends soon when the girl starts falling for him. One day he Arjun unwillingly agrees to perform a life-saving surgery but collapses because of dehydration. After his blood samples were examined traces of alcohol and cocaine was found and this the hospital’s chief filed a case against him and thus his medical license got temporarily canceled and he also got evicted from the flat. The next day, Arjun got to know about his grandmother’s death and rushed to his house where he and his father reconcile. Soon after when Arjun feels regretting he decides to give up his bad habits.


One day in between the vacation Arjun suddenly sees Preethi sitting on a park and went on her to talk where Arjun got to know that she is unhappy with her marriage. Preethi also reveals that she divorced her ex-husband just after their marriage and continued to work in a clinic. She also adds that she is pregnant with Arjun’s baby in her stomach. Soon they decide to reunite and get married and Preethi’s father asks Arjun for an apology for misunderstanding their love for each other.

Arjun Reddy Full Movie Cast & Crew 

Directed bySandeep Vanga
Produced byPranay Reddy Vanga
StarringVijay Deverakonda
Shalini Pandey
Music byRadhan
CinematographyRaj Thota
Edited byShashank Mali
Production companyBhadrakali Pictures
Distributed byAsain Films
Release date25 August 2017

Arjun Reddy Box Office Collections

Day wise Box Office CollectionCollection (Cr)
1st Day Collection7.5 Cr
2nd Day Collection8.5 Cr
3rd Day Collection9.0 Cr
4th Day Collection2.6 Cr
5th Day Collection2.1 Cr
6th Day Collection1.8 Cr
7th Day Collection1.6 Cr
8th Day Collection1.9 Cr
9th Day Collection2.4 Cr
10th Day Collection2.5 Cr
Arjun Reddy Total Collection Worldwide51 Cr

Arjun Reddy Hit Or Flop

The movie was a big step forward for the Telugu cinema and took the industry to a great height for making a movie like Arjun Reddy. As we can check by the collections the movie has got on its day first it crossed 7.5 Cr which is one of the highest openings for a movie. The movie was made at a budget of 40 to 51 Million and at the box office it made 510 Million which clearly states the movie a Blockbuster.


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