In which Areas Product Demo Videos Most often Used

Product demo videos

The concept of consultative selling revolves around the notation show don’t sell consultative selling was first termed in 1970. Though it was from the 70s in the past decade it has become highly mainstream the internet has empowered customers with adequate information does enables them to make better and informed decisions about the product demo videos that they will purchase.  

Generally, a product demo video is quite idealistic as they showcase your product from 4 dimensions to your prospective and existing customers demo videos can easily help in better engagement with a person you barely know and walk them through to about the functioning of the product hence the customer is well informed about the decision to buy.

There are some benefits of using demonstration videos as part of your marketing strategies here are some points, in a nutshell, you can go through the advantages.

  • Evidence that the product is what it says:

 Consumers have become extremely cautious and aware that there are skeptical claims made in marketing. At the same time, customers still are willing to find solutions that will help them solve their problems and achieve their desired level of satisfaction.

Product demonstration videos are ideal because they provide a live demonstration that the product is actually what the customer is looking for. What’s more value-adding is that it shows the perspective step by step how it solves that problem.

By taking the prospect through this process the customers can relate to it and see themselves using the product to achieve the desired outcome. 

  • Explaining the product’s key features and benefits:

Demonstration videos provide a means to explain the product features and benefits in a way that doesn’t involve explicit and aggressive techniques of selling. 

Throughout the demo, you can show how your product is unique and stands out from others. You can also showcase why the special features have been embedded and how these help you simplify the process of operating it. 

  • Saving of time and expenditure:

Adding the cost of a sales representative in terms of salary Commission travel accommodation and other ancillary expenses and sending a sales representative to demonstrate a product from person to person can be a bit pricey.

 You are selling your product in foreign markets demonstrating a video in person may be very expensive. 

A product demonstration video helps you to share a video link with anyone in the world and enables them to see the product demonstrated at their convenience.

  • Introducing customers to new products through email:

Product demonstration videos are r a comprehensive way of introducing your existing clients to a new product that you are about to launch into the market. 

Demonstration videos can quickly give them an idea of whether a product is useful for them or not. 

Because a product demonstration video doesn’t require a necessary explicit selling it is also a less intrusive form of marketing than others.

  • Providing a blueprint on how to demonstrate a product:

Product demonstration videos are not necessarily a suitable substitute for in-person selling it is just a tool to make it easier and with higher coverage. 

Product demonstration videos can also provide a very useful learning and training mechanism for your sales team. 

When you create a product demonstration video you have an excellent example of how that product should be demonstrated ideally. 

Your sales representatives will understand how the product works operate which key benefits it specifically has and at what point of the presentation they should be featured. 

  • Use of analytics to improve product demonstrations:

When you are hosting a video online you will have access to a large database that will improve your presentation for the demonstration of your product and analytics always help you to show how long people on average are going to watch your product demonstration video.

This will give you a sense of the ideal length of the product video you can also easily see if there are specific points which are stepping out of the video and are just out of the blue these dull parts can be improved or completely removed to have a better viewer engagement.

  • Planning of your video demonstration:

When one is planning for your product demonstration video some tips need to be considered

  1. Live demonstration versus storyboarding

Product demonstration videos can be carefully e represented in the form of a story so that each stage can be shown sequentially the video can be shot in the studio or on spot location in a controlled and supportive environment with the opportunity of having multiple readers and retakes. 

2. The goal of your product demonstration video.

You need to assess the goal of your product demonstration video: is the video primarily going to be used as a tool for training of sales representatives or is it for engagement of new and existing clients. This affects the information and data which is included and the wait is presented to the viewer.