Are There Kid-Friendly Escape Rooms?

Kid-Friendly Escape Rooms

Are you trying to find a strategy to get your family together and off of their devices? The solution might lie in mystery room games or escape rooms. They are a family-friendly immersive adventure/

However, not all are kid-friendly escape rooms. It’s crucial to consider the setting and story’s age suitability before selecting an escape room experience.

Age is only one factor, of course. Another significant factor is your child’s maturity and intelligence, which only you can assess.

Are kid-friendly escape room games available?

kid-friendly escape room games

Who are escape rooms for? is a fundamental question that needs to be answered before we can start the list. As you’ll see in the section below, most escape rooms are designed for kids ages 10 and up.

They are therefore perfect for developing a close relationship with your teenagers and helping them find the special family activity they want to participate in.

However, you might be unsure if your younger kids would like an escape room experience or if it would be too challenging for them.

Of course, they could participate in the fun! Riddles don’t have to be finished on their whole by the kids.

They can help you open locks, spot patterns, and track down information. As long as you are willing to help them out and make them feel welcome, everyone will have a good day.

Minimum Age Recommendation for Escape Rooms

Any escape room requires a minimum age of 10, however, some require a minimum age of 12. This advice is made for a number of reasons.

  • Children must be at an appropriate age to comprehend and follow the game’s guidelines.
  • They need to be trusted to behave properly around other props and to avoid touching those that are off-limits.
  • They ought to be of an age where they can engage in the immersive experience. If youngsters can’t cooperate to solve the riddles and the grownups handle everything, they will probably get bored.

Many escape rooms have varying plots and themes. The escape room you choose for your kid must be appropriate for their age. 

Suggestions for Selecting an Escape Room for Your Kids

Most escape rooms propose a certain age range for participants, but this isn’t always enforced. For instance, not every child of 12 years old is ready for a challenging adventure.

Here are three things to consider while selecting an escape room

1. Difficulty


Some escape rooms have a minimum age requirement of 12, however, even those are often fairly difficult.

If you’re taking a kid to an escape room, pick one that’s just right for them. It is up to you to determine whether or not your youngster can work with you to decipher the clues and make it out of the chamber.

2. Interests


Selecting an escape room that is relevant to their passions is a smart option. You can expect more genuine enjoyment from your child if the story is engaging.

Your child may like the Alice in Wonderland story if he or she is interested in fairy tales. If your kid enjoys playing video games and board games, Jumanji could be a better fit. Some escape rooms have age restrictions of 12 and older, however, they are fairly difficult.

Grandma’s Master Plan can be a hit with kids who like to laugh and are open to new concepts.

3. Team


Who will participate in the adventure? If there are more adults or older teens in the group, the trip may become more challenging as the adults assume leadership.

If there will be more children than adults or if there will be many children with only one adult supervisor, a smaller adventure that the children can fully engage in is desirable.

Wrapping Up

It’s no secret that families are increasingly opting to do escape room experiences together, and the reasons are many and varied.

You and the kids will become closer than ever as you work together to solve the puzzles and beat the clock. You’ll be stimulating your brainpower in the process.