Top 5 Apps Like Google Keep To Write Notes/Articles On Android Phone

The good thing about having a smartphone is the ability to write notes, essay, assignment and also blog articles. You have smartphone all the time. This thing gives you the opportunity to write essays and save it on your phone like google keep there are different apps for Android. But some students don’t have writing skills that’s why they need online service for writing notes and essay is the best way to buy online service and all these writing apps are very useful for the blog writer. But you will need the best and correct application for all these things, so check out the best top 5 apps for taking notes and for blog articles.


Best 5 Alternatives to Google Keep on Android Phone

1. ColorNote

ColorNote is the most popular application for notes, essay writing, and article writing. It provides you the option to create text notes and many more. It provides a new feature that is you can change the background color of your essays, notes, and articles. There are many features include in this app like calendar, backup support, cloud storage and many more. The best thing is that all of its features are free of cost.

2. FiiNote

The second name of FiiNote is FiiWrite. FiiNote is the fun application of android. This application comes with the pencil drawing option you have the choice to write notes, essays, articles or to draw them its all your choice. The new and great feature of this app is you can add your videos, pictures and also voicemails to your notes. This app is best for blog writers and it is totally free.

3. OneNote:

This application is developed by Microsoft and it is integrated with OneDrive like the Google Keep application that is integrated with the Google Drive. It has too many features including adding voice, pictures to your notes, and essays of your college university or blog articles and other features are the widget, android wears support feature, and organization feature and also have many more features. This application is the best and pretty application if you have experience in other applications of Microsoft. I strongly suggest you use this application for better results.

4. Simple Notes:

Like its name, Simple Notes is a simple application for essays, notes and blog writing. It has a simple design with the minimum number of features. This application includes different features like Simple text notes, lists and clear customization with widget area. This application of android does not need any internet connection and an open source application. I suggest this application for those people who need simple and easy to take essays and notes. This application is totally free with no ads. However, its simplicity also means that it has some simple features.

5. Handrite Note Notepad

Handrite Note is a note, essay or article taking an application for Android you can use your fingers, your smartphone keyboard, or a pencil. You can copy text and image from anywhere and paste it here with a date and also with the title of your article. It provides you with different writing styles you can customize writing style and it will save your work automatically. In this application, you can write unlimited essays, notes, assignments and articles for your blog.

Last Words About Google Keep Alternatives Apps on Android

So, guys, these are the top demanded apps instead of Google Keep. But, we are still using Google Keep on Android and iOS also. Don’t forget to share the name of the app you loved in this article, write down in comment-box with your name.


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