What Are Application Management Services?

Everybody uses apps, even if they subconsciously do so. In fact, applications are now smack dab in the mix of how we communicate, get our news and, yes, work. Scores of big industries are managing much of their operations through apps.

Application Management Services
Application Management Services

The rub is that, as these technological marvels become ever more capable, they also become more challenging to consistently maintain. That’s where Application Management Services (AMS) come in, to help with security and bug issues and the like. You don’t want to rely on an already stretched IT team.

But just what are Application Management Services? Read on.

About AMS 

This is where organizations of all sizes outsource the responsibility of providing ongoing support for their applications. AMS handle things such as minor enhancements, bug fixes, monitoring optimization tasks, and releasing patches.

What are Some of the Benefits of AMS?

It depends on which service you use, but in general they promote internal efficiency, heighten user satisfaction, and let your IT team continue doing what it does. Remember, IT is used to reacting to issues, whereas your management service is more proactive and tries to head things off. You don’t wany any unnecessary, costly bouts of systemic idleness, either. And what if you lose a key IT member? Now you must worry about recruiting, hiring, and training someone else.

How Trained are AMS Providers?

They’re very trained.  And what’s so cool about it is that, if the above scenario occurs and a critical IT member is lost, your apps will continue operating through AMS. Application Management Services teams are made up of all manner of software developers, database analysts, and various programmers. These skilled pros are fluent in languages and systems and can use all the latest tools to understand and maintain your apps.

Can Mercer Help?

If you’ve invested in Workday, Mercer can absolutely help. In fact, it would behoove you to take advantage of the consultant’s expertise to help you deploy your system and ensure its ongoing viability and optimization. Among Mercer’s AMS offerings:

  • Application management support. Mercer is that long-term partner that can help you process tasks and figure out problems. It can also help your team become totally knowledgeable in its module so that it’s ready to adapt to Workday’s regular innovations. In essence, Mercer wants to make certain your business goals are met.
  • Empower. Your ROI will be optimized once Mercer trains your team in the functional areas you have enabled. To set up a deep knowledge base for future operations, Mercer’s Digital Solutions can evaluate your team’s skills and train against shortfalls.
  • Optimize. Mercer likes to let it be known that it offers a holistic evaluation of all functional areas. Why? To make sure you’re getting everything you can out of your Workday software. Within your business and industry, Mercer gives you contextual tenant reviews that include suggestions and a guide for solving inefficiencies in tenant transactions. These kinds of inefficiencies result in delays in key business flow completion, plus data integrity issues and an increased need for manual maintenance.

Now that you know what application management services are, you can get the support you need to wring optimal performance from your applications. These providers will free your IT teams to concentrate on more immediate projects while making sure that your organization’s functions, through its apps, operate as they’re supposed to. If you choose a consultant such as Mercer, you’ll get time- and cash-saving maintenance, repairs, technical issues, and updates. In fact, that’s the support we recommend.