Troubleshoot App Not Installed Error on Android

If you are using an Android phone, it is obvious that you will be familiar & using the Google Play Store. During our experience with Android play-store, one of the most common errors that occurred was App Not Installed error. To solve this issue, we have gone through different methods to troubleshoot it. To share you the details, today we are bringing this article ‘Troubleshoot App Not Installed Error on Android’.

This error occurs either with your device is full or when any of the files get corrupted. Hence, we have come here with different ways to solve the App Not Installed Android error.

Request: If you are not able to get rid of the given steps, do let us know your model number, OS version so that we can give you a customized solution. 

Why this Error occurs? 

This error occurs if your device has any of the below problems.

  • Insufficient storage
  • Corrupted App build files
  • Incorrect File
  • Malware issue

It is really hard to identify the issue in the first glance, but once you are done with different troubleshooting methods, you might understand the root cause of it.

How to Troubleshoot App Not Installed Error on Android

Uninstall Unwanted Apps:

One of the most common methods to solve this error is to uninstall all unwanted file. To do that you just have to tap on your screen to get rid of this method.

Steps to uninstall apps: 

  • Open Android App store & click on Burger menu.
  • Tap on “My Apps & Games“.
  • Slide to “Installed” window to check your installed apps.
  • Tap on the app that you want to uninstall. Tap on “Uninstall” to uninstall the unwanted files.

Reset Your Smartphone: 

One of the best ways to get rid of this error is resetting your smartphone. With this process, you will be able to use your smartphone from the start. This process will flush everything from your smartphone and will make it as a new hardware. It will get back everything as it was earlier.

With this method, you will have to reinstall all the necessary app again into your smartphone.

Note: Please don’t forget to take backup of your smartphone. Because once you reset you might lose all your date.  

Steps to reset Smartphone:

  • Go to Settings & tap on “System”.
  • Inside System, you will find a “reset” option.
  • Once tapped on “Reset”, you will have an option to choose “Network Setting Reset”, “Reset App preferences”, and “Factory Data Reset”.
  • If you clearly want to erase everything, you can go ahead with Factory Data reset or you can just tap on “reset app preference”.

We suggest tapping on factory reset so that you can flush malware from your device.

The above methods are one of the most successful methods to get rid of App not installed Android error. Also, note that this method is used on Android 7.0 & above Android OS.

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