Top 6 Android Apps for College Students (2018 Edition, Free)

Now I will discuss the different applications of Android devices that you need to have on your android smartphone to solve some works like writing, Lab work research paper, and many more. These applications definitely will help you to solve your many problems. If you want an online Lab work service go to

Now the world totally depends on smartphones like Android But in the previous laptop is used for everything like for research any topic creating blogs writing essays and many more. But nowadays your smartphone is your mini laptop here I will discuss some important applications that you need to have on your Android apps for college students to solve your problems.

Android Apps for College Students
Android Apps for College Students

1. CamScanner:

CamScanner is an android application in your smartphone which helps you to scan your documents, sync and store your work in your smartphone. By using this android application you can scan your different documents, assignments, lab work in your phone and save it for future.

Feature Of CamScanner:

  • Advanced Editor
  • Print And Scan Your Documents, Articles
  • Save your important work
  • Smartphone scanner

2. WPS Office + PDF

Now all are working on this computer, Laptop world there are different files based on the computer like Microsoft office. We need WPS office software to open these files on your smartphone because this application supports all kind of document file extension and you don’t need to download and install another application.

Feature Of WPS Office + PDF Application:

  • It converts all files to PDF files
  • This application support PDF files for reading and writing
  • Night mode available in this application

3. Wikipedia:

In 2018 everyone knows what is Wikipedia and now there is an official app launched for android application. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia which has 35 + millions articles in different languages. You can search different up to date information from Wikipedia and can get help from Wikipedia.

Features Of Wikipedia:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Preview of links
  • Lead images

4. Andie Graph:

This application helps you in calculations, in your daily routine. You can solve many problems very easily with the help of this application you can calculate graphical analytical problems it means you have a calculator on your Android smartphones.

Features Of Andie Graph Application:

  • Calculator works perfectly
  • This application is designed for algebra, trigonometry, graph, and functions


This android application is the best application for everyone. Due to this application, you can create different connections between different social and many more applications like Dropbox, Facebook application, Twitter and Gmail and also between different devices like Fitbit and Philips.

Features Of IFTTT App

  • Save your favorite quote
  • Posts as twitter pictures
  • On LinkedIn and tumbler, share your FB status
  • Post videos from YouTube

6. Feedly:

Nowadays most people don’t have time to know everything and to read to different news of the world or any universities news. Then feedly application will be the best option for you. Form this application you can read all the news. This application organizes your favorite channel, posts and many more when the new update is available you can receive all new news and updates