Top 5 Best Android Apps To Improve Spellings For Article Writing

Spelling is the most important thing if you are a student of any college or university for writing assignments, essay, notes, Lab theory, thesis or you are a blog, website writer. Your spellings and vocabulary must be accurate in every field. But when it comes to learning reading and writing that requires more hard work and attention.

Android Apps To Improve
Android Apps To Improve

But nowadays there are many apps available, all these applications help you to learn spellings, vocabulary no matter if you are writing an article for your blog or you are a student and writing an assignment, essays, research paper. But after all these most people are poor at writing and don’t have time that’s why they use online writing services. For online writing service go to


WordMagic is an Android devices application this application helps you to learn spellings for writing articles and essays. This application provides an image with one missing word you have to guess that word. It has different difficulty levels that improve your spelling skills. In this application when the level of difficulty increased then the app count your score of words that you wrote correctly.


This application is for Android apps to improve. In this application, words provide you with wrong location letter you have to move the letter and fix it on the correction location. This application improves the spelling skills that is best for you. It helps you to write articles for your blog without any spelling mistakes. When the level ends this application will show the all the results, how much words you wrote correct and how much words you wrote wrong. It shows you the suggestion words at the bottom of the screen if you find the word difficult.

Super Star Speller:

Super Star Speller is the best app that is made for Android devices like other apps Super Star Speller not asked you for correct the misspelled words or guess the missing letter from any word but this app designed in a different way. The superstar speller tells you a word with voice and asks you to correct the spellings of this word.

It has too many benefits you can add different words to the list and after this, you have to spell it by yourself for strong spelling skills. You can also track your progress.

Easy Spelling Aid:

This app is available for Android and also for windows that helps you to spell the words correctly through speech recognition. It provides you with a microphone when you speak the word then this application displays the word with correct spelling.

When the level increased then this application teaches also vocabulary and also reading skills in different languages that are the best thing for writer whatever you are a blog writer or essay writer.

Spell A Word:

This application helps you to develop spelling skills This application based on spelling games that give you two letters of a word and also give you clue you have to spell that word correctly. This application gives you the variety of words in different levels to improve your spelling skills.