An Introduction to Domains – What is a Domain and What are Domain Types?

What is a Domain and Introduction to Domains
What is a Domain and Introduction to Domains

What is a Domain?

A domain name such as is a text given to a unique numerical address (IP). This IP points to Server which is hosting your website to serve public or private content. Domain Naming has to follow the rules of the Domain Name System (DNS). Every domain name has to be registered in the DNS.

A domain name has two parts, the main domain name, and the domain extension separated by a dot.

For example, In the domain name,, digi1 is the domain name and co is the domain extension.

Domain Name can have a maximum of 253 characters, including domain name, domain extension, and the dot. But usually, it is better to have a web domain with domain name within 15 characters of length.

Apart from resolving an IP of your hosting server, domain name also helps you to brand your business or website. Choose a name where people can associate with your blog or business and remember easily.

What is a Generic Top Level Domain(gTLD)?

Generic Top Level Domains are the original domain extensions started for the internet and have a specific meaning and are global.  They are not restricted to any country.  But some of them are restricted to certain entities only. For example, government organizations only can use a  .gov domain extension.

  1. .COM domains: These are the most famous domains that people and business prefer for Branding and SEO purposes. Originally guidelines for this domain is for Per Profit Business. But these days, all types of people and business use ‘.com’ domain extension. You need to always prefer a .com domain first for your website over any other domain.
  2. .NET domains: As per the original guidelines, Computer networks or a media network can use .NET domains. But today people use these domains in general as well.
  3. .ORG domains:  ‘.org’ domains are open for everybody. As per the original intention, a non-profit business can only use this domain extension. Though not common, people and business use these domains by profitable entities as well.
  4. .INT domains: International Organizations like the UN, redcross, etc can only use ‘.int’ domains
  5. .gov domains: This is not an Open gTLD. Only Government Organizations can use this domain extension.
  6. .edu domains: This is also not an open gTLD. Only Educational Institutions can use this domain extension.
  7. .mil domains: Reserved for Military Organizations and are not open gTLDs
  8. .orpa domains: ‘.orpa’ is an internet infrastructure top-level domain. Its original name is Advanced Research Projects Agency

What is a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)?

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) represent country level domains. Although anybody can buy some of these domains. Some of the country level domain extensions have restrictions based on buyer location.

Use country-level top domain when most of the users of your site are from a specific country or when you are creating a specific language version of a global website.

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What is a Second Level Domain (SLD or 2LD)?

Domain Naming System has a specific naming convention. As per this system, a second-level domain exists just below the top-level domain. In this case, gTLD or a ccTLD can be the top-level domain. For example in the domain extension ‘’, ‘.us’ is the top-level domain and ‘.ny’ os the second-level domains. In the USA, every state has a second-level domain, but this is not the case in other countries.

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What Free Top Level Domains (Free TLDs)

As the name says, You can register a Free TLD without paying. Following domains are provided as free domains

  • .ga
  • .ml
  • .cf
  • .gq
  • .tk

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