American Home Water and Air: How to Fix Faulty Air Conditioner Sensors

American Home Water and Air

We asked a top-rated HVAC and plumbing company, American Home Water and Air , for help in understanding how to fix faulty air conditioner sensors. AC sensors are responsible for measuring the temperature of the air in the room and telling the unit when to turn on or off. If the sensor is not functioning correctly, it can cause the air conditioner to run constantly or not at all. 

Here are some tips from AHWA on how to fix faulty air conditioners with leaks.

Please note that if you are unsure about any of these steps or do not feel comfortable performing them, it is best to call a professional to inspect your system and provide assistance. Remember to always turn off the power to the air conditioner before performing any maintenance or repairs.

Sensor Placement

The first thing you should check is the placement of the sensor. A sensor located in the wrong position can give incorrect readings. The sensor should be placed near the evaporator coil, which is usually found in the air handling unit. 

It should be positioned about one inch away from the coil and should not touch any other metal parts. If the sensor is not in the right position, move it carefully to the correct location.

Dirty Sensor

With time and use, the sensor can get dirty, leading to incorrect readings. To clean the sensor, turn off the power to the air conditioner and locate the sensor. It is usually a small, silver, or copper-colored bulb with a wire attached to it. Use a soft cloth or brush to clean it. Be careful not to damage the sensor or the wire. 

Wiring Problems

If the sensor is in the right position and clean, the wiring may be the problem. After shutting off the breaker, check the wiring to ensure that it is connected correctly and that there are no loose or damaged wires. 

If you find a loose wire, carefully reconnect it, making sure that it is secure. If you find a damaged wire, you may need to replace it. 

Faulty Sensor

If no other measures have worked, you may need to replace the sensor. You can purchase a replacement sensor from a hardware or home improvement store. To replace the sensor, turn off the power to the air conditioner and locate the old sensor. Carefully remove it from the unit and disconnect the wire. Attach the wire to the new sensor and carefully position it in the correct location. Once it is in place, turn the power back on and test the air conditioner to see if the new sensor is working.

Call a Professional

If you have tried all of these steps and the air conditioner is still malfunctioning, it may be time to call a professional. 

An HVAC technician can diagnose the problem and provide a solution. They have the expertise and tools necessary to fix the issue and get your air conditioner back up and running.