Amazon Pay Balance Validity Extension- Best Method (100% Working)

How to extend Amazon Pay Balance Validity?

Hi guys, today I am going to share a method with Amazon users. Amazon provides a feature called Amazon Pay Balance that is used to pay online for any order and you can add money to amazon pay balance. So, today I will tell you how to extend validity of amazon pay balance with 1 year. I have done this method successfully many times and now I am sharing with you. So, let’s start…

What is Amazon Pay Balance?

Amazon Pay Balance is a type of wallet for Amazon users like PayT wallet that is used to add money online to buy any item instantly. You can add money to amazon pay balance anytime and you get 10% cashback by paying with this wallet. So it’s a nice idea to have money in amazon pay balance. But, the validity of Amazon pay balance is 1 year only and then it expires automatically. So there is a method to extend the validity of Amazon pay balance.

How To Extend the Validity of Amazon Pay Balance

1. Go to or

2. Buy any product with higher money that your amazon pay balance (if you have Rs. 100 in your amazon pay balance, then order value must be more than rs. 100).

3. Now, pay with your Amazon pay balance and rest amount with any net banking.

4. Click on proceed to order.

5. You will be redirected to net banking page.

6. Just close the payment window or tab.

7. You will get an email and message on mobile with 1 statement something like this – We have refunded your amazon pay balance to your account.

8. Go to amazon account and check the validity of Amazon pay balance, it has extended the validity of 1 year.


Last words – We have used this method many times to save money for future use. Please follow all steps carefully to extend Amazon pay balance validity. If you liked this post, please share this method with your friends. Thanks…