Top Secrets About Carding – Amazon Carding Trick 2018 [illegal, Fraud, Scam]

Amazon Carding Trick 2018 – Carding is totally fraud and it is illegal in India and the rest of the countries. But India and the US have most of the cases for Carding for online shopping. Carding is not a safe and full scam for all users. Carding has a lot of tricks and secrets which makes it illegal and fraudulent in each country. Mainly, carders use a fake credit card for online shopping or hack credit cards for the same. Today I will share all the secrets and hidden tricks for Carding. Please read carefully and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and try to save his/her money.

Disclaimer – There is no fraud trick, there are hidden secrets about carding that will make you aware of carding. This post is for education purposes only. And, we don’t recommend you to do carding in India. Please don’t do.

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Request  I suggest you guys, please don’t go for carding products and don’t try to get carding products from any website. You will be punished and heavily fined.

What is Carding Amazon?

Carding is a trick to shop any product from the online website like Amazon and Flipkart with a fake credit card or hacked credit card and details. Some hackers hack someone credit card and use it to buy online products with their details. This trick is referred to Carding Trick.

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Who is an Amazon carder?

A man who hacks someone credit card and their details and shop online for a few products and try to deliver at a fake place, that is Carder. You can get a carder on Facebook or WhatsApp easily. But 99% of carders are fake and will cheat you with your money. So don’t try to contact any carder.

Is Carding Really Happens?

Yes, it’s possible but there are 2-3% of carders only who can do carding tricks, and the rest of the carders are fake and try to make people fool with their money. US hackers can do carding easily and most of the cases are from us. A long list of the people in the USA is available on the internet who was fined and punished for carding. But now all websites and companies are aware of this type of activity. So, today is few carders can do carding for money.

Is Carding a Cyber Crime?

Yes, carding is a cyber crime. Carding is used to get online products with the fake payment method. Carders use a fake debit card or credit card for online shopping and acquire the online information and data of someone else. It is a big deal for anyone and their money. If anyone founds in this case then there are hard rules to punish them. Cyber police department handles these cases and they are free of all government to do anything in any country.

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How To Become a Famous Amazon Carder

  • Buy BTC from anyone to get your CC.
  • Buy Credit Card from any shop like UNICC, FECC or JSHOP etc.
  • Use the best VPN (a virtual private network) + shocks or Use DNS (recommended).
  • Make each order from a different place.
  • Remember – Don’t show off your job. Just do and enjoy your money and product.

How To Do Amazon Carding Trick

This is a no working trick on the Internet for Amazon. So please don’t waste your money on buying fake tricks.

Secrets About Carding methods or Amazon Carding Trick

Mainly when we go to a friend for a carding product, he tells us to give 50% amount at first, and the rest of the amount after placing an order. He sends 2 things to confirm our order.

  1. Screenshots
  2. Confirmation Message
  3. Photos of carding products (mainly mobiles)

Carder shows some photos of Apple iPhone‘s photos and something else to explain that he is a real carder. Just a joke! 😀 Carder sends screenshots of the Amazon account and a message to the buyer’s number that looks like official Amazon message. But both things are fake. We are going to explain all things about carding with full details, just read carefully.

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#1 Screenshot

Don’t believe in screenshots of desktop view. A man who knows HTML and CSS can change a web page easily. HTML and CSS are the languages that are used to design a web page. A web page can be changed anytime each second. Browsers have an option ‘Inspect Element’ that is used to customize the web page. Any font, color, text can be changed with these languages. Here are some examples of the same web page, just focus on them-

Note – I bought Lenovo K5 from Amazon on June 22, 2016, and now I will send you same product with different dates and different addresses.





You can 1 order with different details and send it to your friends to confirm that you have placed his order with his address. It is the main secret behind carding trick. Amazon carding trick is the main searched term on the internet and still getting hits.

#2 Confirmation Message (Fake Message, You can send)

There are many websites on the internet that provides virtual numbers and messages to their customers. Basically, Amazon sends a confirmation message to its user to confirm his orders. But carders get help from third parties to send a similar message to a customer.

These messages look like – AW-AMAZ, AD-AMZN, DW-AMZO, etc. Anyone can buy this type of message from third parties. Actually, you will get 1000 messages for Rs. 5000 and you have to submit a 5-6 digit name which will be used to send your message to any number. Carder goes online and sends a confirmation message to the buyer’s mobile number.

#3 Photos of Smartphones or Heavy Products

A carder always shows these things on his profile picture on WhatsApp and Facebook that he is a real carder. But it’s a joke only for a known person. You can do this by going to a shop and tell them to show some smartphones and you can click your pic easily. There is no matter with IMEI, it is just a picture. If the shopkeeper denies you, just pay some money for 1 click. You can click more than 1 click with different products. But people think carder has a lot of mobiles for him. 🙂 🙂 😀 😛

Some Proofs of Ripped People Through Fake Carders

#1 From Delhi

He sent me a WhatsApp message by getting my number from below comments. He told me that he gave Rs. 5000 to a man for a carding product but his parcel didn’t come to him and he is demanding the rest amount for the product. Now he was asking me to help but how can I help in these cases. I am not a cyber police officer. I am trying to make aware all others of this fraud.


#2 From Mumbai

Another WhatsApp message from Delhi, who took money from his friend for earning money from selling carding products. But he lost all his money in carding because all carders were cheaters as I mentioned above. Now he is waiting for a good time so that he can return his friend’s money to him. Please don’t go for carding products.






Some Suggestions Before Buying Carding Products or Paying Advance Money to Carder 

  • There is no real carder in India who cards Amazon Products or all.
  • If you want to buy, please go to Face to Face meeting at his home.
  • Ask him to give you an AAHDAR CARD & PAN CARD copy for future safety.
  • Try to match all details to him like Face, Address, Mobile number, etc.
  • Don’t give advance money otherwise he will block you from making an order and then he will cancel it. It is easy.
  • Don’t make a Deal on WhatsApp or Facebook. 101% are Fake 😀 Guarantee.
  • I mentioned above that this is illegal in India and there is no risk for carder because they use VPNs to hide locations and identities. Only you will be caught in your delivery address.
  • If anything happens, only you will be responsible in the police case.

Last words for Amazon Carding Trick 2018 – I get many requests and complaints daily regarding carding. So I request you not to go for any carding product, you will get cheated only. We shared this article to clarify that carding is not good for everyone. If you still want carding product, just comment below with your details, we will contact you ASAP.

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