All about Travel agencies and Traveling to the US

All about Travel agencies and Traveling to the US

Visa and Travel agencies are needed at this present time, particularly when a person has an intention to travel or move from a country to another. The importance of these agencies cannot be overemphasized as they are created to help ease the burden of uncertainty and difficulty in securing a visa, getting through to service providers and so on. Below in this article, you will find the All about Travel agencies and Traveling to the US.

The importance of these agencies will be looked at and the most trusted ones will be listed and information will be given on them with regards to their addresses and their online website.

  • The first importance of a travel agency in the modern world is that of providing travel information. It is expected of the travel agent to be able to provide in-depth, current and truthful information concerning that place. The concerned agent should have a great skill in communication, interaction, and persuasion.
  • Second, it is important that the travel or visa agency should be able to connect and have an interactive nexus with the providers of service. Such providers of service include transport companies, hospitality centers (hotels), and tourist companies and so on.
  • Third, assistance in securing Visa for the journey. Depending on the purpose of the travel and the visa category of the person intending to travel, the visa agency when employed by a person should endeavor to assist in securing a visa for the travel. In relation to the United States, there are two major types of Visas- the Immigration Visa and the Non-immigration Visa, both also have various kinds of visas in relations to the visa category of the person intending to travel.
  • Four, there is a need for the visa agency to provide Foreign Currencies for the intending traveler in order to avoid making the traveler stranded.
  • Five, the visa agency should provide for insurance policies to guard against losing all of one’s property with any respite or consolation. This loss could in a form of loss of baggage or it could involve an accident to the person of the customer or his property.

A visa agency is not necessarily needed for an applicant who is a citizen of a country that has been granted a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) if the purpose of the travel is leisure or business.

What is ESTA? What the applicant needs the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This is a system that determines whether a person is covered under the VW. The conditions for getting approval for the ESTA is more than being a citizen of the VWP.

Visa is the same as ESTA? No, Visa is not the same as ESTA. Visa allows for persons with wider and more intents or purposes to be admitted into a country and it is for every country while ESTA allows for persons with limited purposes and it is for just some select countries.

Visa covers a wider range of persons and it is valid for a longer time than the ESTA while the ESTA is only valid for 90 days.

After you have completed an application for an ESTA to the US and you have received your confirmation, your eligibility valid for 2 years. Afterward, one would have to apply for another confirmation letter. If one’s circumstances change – either their citizenship, they are convicted, or change names, address, then they will have to complete a new form. 

It is important that all information between the ESTA confirmation and one’s passport are kept up to date. Doing this will prevent any issues at the airport and entering the US. It is also important to look at travel advisories, either from the country of origin they are flying from and to the city they are entering as there may be restrictions but also issues that could complicate one’s arrival into the country.  

There are numerous visa agencies all the world, there are many visa agencies in Europe and America. Since this essay is focused on immigration to the United States, the focus will be on some of the most trusted visa agencies situated in the US.