Hello friends, today i am going to provide a free internet trick that is all about “Airtel internet trick to get 250 MB 3G data Daily September“. By doing some following steps, you will get 250 MB 3G data daily in Airtel Sim Card. This trick is working in mostly states and circles September, 2016. Try in yours…

Airtel Internet trick

Requirment for airtel internet trick:

1) Airtel 3G/2G Sim.
2) APN:– airtelgprs.com
3) Maintain Zero Balance & No Need of Data Packs.
4) Slow DNS App Download Here.

How To Get Airtel 3G 250 MB Free Data Everyday :-

Step 1) Firstly, install the slow DNS application from the above link or Click Here

Step 2) Now open the application and change the fields as below steps.

Step 3) Leave the password field also as it is no need to do changes in it.

Step 4) Select the server to FREE.TG7.NL.1

Step 5 )Now in the fourth column type

Step 6) Change the 5th column to TXT: Response Not Encoded

Step 7) Below write 150 in the last column

Step 8) Then Press Connect and click on OK (make sure, your mobile data is on)

Step 9) Now connect and try to surf internet in any browser

Conclusion– This trick was about getting 3G 250 MB data daily for September, 2016 but make sure, when you try this trick your balance should be 0 otherwise you would be charged and with no internet activated while connecting to the DNS you need data to be switch on.