How Did the Air Fryer Become Crazy Popular?

Air Fryer Become Crazy Popular

Back in 2010, the electronics company Philips launched a new kitchen appliance. They chose the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin in September of that year to show the world something that would catch many home cooks’ imaginations.

The air fryer was launched onto an unsuspecting world and caught the attention of many very quickly. Here was an affordable new kitchen appliance that was promising many things.

Since then, the original air fryer has been improved upon, and many competitors are producing similar models. The Instant Pot even has an air fryer lid to imitate the original appliance.

But, why did one small kitchen appliance become so popular?

Why was there a need for the air fryer?

According to Michigan State University, the convection oven was invented by the Malleable Iron Range Company in 1967. Traditionally, convection ovens were used for baking and were very large.

As time moved on, convection ovens became smaller and less expensive. Many households have convection ovens and for good reason. Convection ovens circulate very hot air to cook food, and they do so very evenly.

But, portable convection ovens can still be somewhat unwieldy. Philips looked at the convection oven and realized that they could utilize this technology to make something new.

There was a need for a small appliance that could help people cook food healthily, and quickly. The air fryer was born.

How did it become so popular?

Millions of people enjoy eating food that would be deemed unhealthy. One type of food like this is of the fried variety. Air fryers replicate fried food without the need for oil.

This caught the public’s imagination, especially in more health-conscious times. The size of the appliance also helped make it popular, along with affordable pricing.

Then, as the device became popular, it began to spawn blogs and resources. There are thousands of air fryer recipes on the net for all manner of cuisines.

If you want to make mini corn dogs in an air fryer then you can just get the recipe from the internet. These blogs have helped to keep the interest in air fryers going.

How many air fryers are being sold today?

It is challenging to find dependable figures on how many air fryers have been sold in total. One report in 2020, stated that around 36% of American households had one of these appliances. That is a staggering figure that has surely increased.

According to Yahoo! Finance, over 25 million air fryer units were sold just in the last two years. This sales figure only relates to the states, meaning that there are definitely more than 36% of households with an air fryer now.

What benefits does an air fryer actually bring?

Okay, so you know that an air fryer is a popular appliance, and you know that it is an affordable version of a convection oven. But, what advantages are really gained from using one?

Well, cooking time is said to be reduced by around 20% for a start. This equates to you not only saving time but energy also. Despite the fact the appliance cooks at a very high temperature, it is air-tight so it is very energy efficient.

It is also easy to clean. It needs no cooking oil, so there is less mess and waste to worry about. For anyone that cooks fried food regularly this would be a major boon.

What can an air fryer be used for?

The initial idea behind the air fryer may have been to recreate fried food without the oil, but you can make many things in the appliance.

One benefit that wasn’t mentioned above is that ingredients cooked in an air fryer will be lower in calories. When compared to fried food that is. You may know how to lose body fat by changing what you eat, but with an air fryer, you don’t need to change anything.

Because the cooker uses no oil, you will be eating healthier anyway. And eating much more than just French fries too.

An air fryer can make Indian snacks, cook salmon, produce apple chips, and even cook churros. Your imagination is likely to be where the limits of an air fryer reach.

Of course, it’s also great just for chicken wings, fried potatoes, and onion rings.


One of the tips on eating habits for a healthy life is to lower the amount of fat in your diet. An air fryer does this through its cooking method.

This is one of the reasons that air fryers became popular, and continue to sell in their millions today. But that isn’t the only reason.

Air fryers are eco-friendly cooking devices. And in today’s world, with all the environmental concerns people have, that is very important.

They are though, also just very good cooking appliances that make tasty food very quickly. So maybe that’s why they are crazy popular.