8 Ways AI Can Be Used in Homes

AI Can Be Used in Homes

The future described in fantasy books is already here. Today, every person interacts with artificial intelligence on a daily basis, whether it is a virtual assistant with voice control or a monitoring device. You don’t have to understand how each device works in order to benefit from AI. It is AI that serves us to make our life easier every day. 

And while there is speculation about how soon artificial intelligence will become smarter than humans and take our jobs away from us, more and more households are acquiring cool household tools that save time, effort, and money. In this article experts from the IT company, https://jatapp.com/ offer a selection of 8 AI devices that you probably have or want to have at home!

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Even if you’re a true fan of cleanliness, we’re willing to bet you don’t really enjoy spending hours cleaning. Of course, there are people who really love to do this, but let’s be honest – there are very few of them. The good news is that you can buy a small, round device that will vacuum your floor for you. Moreover, it is a smart device equipped with artificial intelligence! You can program the vacuum to navigate your space, clean specific areas, and ignore other ones. A smart vacuum cleaner will make your floor really clean and will not require any help from you. It is a tool that you can’t imagine your life without, especially if you have a big family with children or pets. 

2. VR Devices 

Speaking about AI in the home, it is necessary to focus not only on helpful tools that make your daily duties easier but also on entertainment ones. What about games that you can play through a headset? Each teenager dreams about them! Well, these headsets are really affordable right now, so you can buy the one and enjoy real or fantasy environments simulated by AI software. 

The interesting fact about VR devices is that they can be used for educational purposes as well. These features became especially noticeable and important during COVID-19 times when people are looking for new solutions to study efficiently. There are already many educational programs developed specifically for VR. 

3. AI Cooking Tools 

Well, we already know that there is a smart technique that can keep your floor always clean. But of course, people want more. Already, many geeks are using devices equipped with artificial intelligence to prepare coffee and food. If you do not know what to cook for breakfast from the available products, you can ask your smart refrigerator about it. What’s more, the refrigerator will even provide you with a quick guide on whether these foods are safe to consume.

Just think about how much easier home AI systems make routine household chores! Not to mention that these devices are a great find for people with disabilities.

4. Smart Metre and Thermostat 

The scope of artificial intelligence in homes is quite wide. For example, you can install special systems to analyze gas and energy consumption. This not only saves you money, but it also helps the environment, as energy is no longer wasted. If you live in a private home and want to place a solar panel, you can purchase a smart energy meter that will help you find the most suitable location.

What we really love about smart metres and thermostats is that you can work with them remotely. You just need a device (your smartphone will be enough!) with software to take control over your central heating. Just program your home’s temperature according to your family’s needs, and smart devices will ensure that you feel comfortable when you arrive.

5. Smart Scales and Mirrors

A healthy lifestyle is definitely a trend over the last several years, so it is not surprising that many AI developers leverage this technology to help people control their health. 

Smart scales look exactly like the regular ones but they are able to analyze your weight and provide you with a detailed analysis based on several metrics. The same can be applied to smart mirrors. Moreover, they can even capture movement and exercise to suggest better options and provide personalized feedback.

You might think that smart scales, mirrors, or other similar AI devices for home are purposed to help fitness geeks but they are much more than just that. Just imagine how much more information doctors could get from their patients who monitor their health conditions on a daily basis.

6. Smart Locks

It is impossible to speak about smart home AI without mentioning the security industry. Owners of houses and apartments are trying not only to make their stay in the apartment more comfortable but also safer. 

Smart locks work with the use of wireless technology. The most popular are:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Z-Wave.

These protocols help smart locks to interact with other smart home devices. Management is carried out by means of a smartphone or a special keychain. Due to this, to open the door, the owner just needs to get close to the door, and it will open automatically. This greatly simplifies getting into the apartment, especially if your hands are busy with luggage or heavy bags.

Most models have fairly large functionality. For example, they come with automatic locking, determination of the state of the door (whether it is closed or open at the moment), access code generation, setting a temporary password with limited time of validation, etc. 

7. Smart Home Devices 

Speaking about AI home systems, it is necessary to understand that everything that can be automated is automated these days. Along with sensors responsible for measuring temperature, detecting movement, opening/closing windows, and doors, or wireless alarm, you can benefit from a smart baby monitor that is able to take a series of photos when the sound sensor is triggered and is equipped with the music player that will soothe and lull the child. You can leverage a smart kettle – using a dedicated application for iOS and Android, you can set the kettle on time so that it maintains a certain water temperature by selecting the water heating mode for specific purposes. And you can also legalize the gadget with an alarm clock on your smartphone. And what about a smart socket? A Wi-Fi socket with an additional USB output allows you to remotely monitor the status of household appliances at home, turning them on and off by timer. The socket can be used as a regular charger for mobile devices, or you can use it to control the on and off of household appliances while outside the apartment. The timer will give you the opportunity, for example, to boil a kettle or turn on the air conditioner to cool the rooms by the time you return from work. 

There are dozens of different smart home devices that can take your artificial intelligence house to the next level!

8. Home Robot

It sounds fantastic but you can literally buy a smart home helper that will play with your children and even play with them at home. These AI-based robots are able to recognize people, play music, create task lists, monitor the temperature, and read books. The question is: Are you ready to outsource your family time to robots, even if they are extremely smart? Where is the line that artificial intelligence shouldn’t cross?