How to Advertise on Instagram in 2022

Social media is the new front door for businesses, and Instagram is the most brand-centric platform out there. Its broad and diverse reach makes it a powerful tool for companies to increase awareness around their brand and influence the audience to consider buying from them. 

Understandably, in 2022, marketers are expected to spend $33.25 billion on Instagram ads in the U.S alone. So, if you are not advertising and promoting your business on Instagram, you are missing out a lot. 

This guide has broken down five actionable ways to help you advertise more successfully on Instagram this year. 

Advertise on Instagram in 2022

Narrow down your target audience and encourage quality engagement

Before curating the list of accounts you want to follow on Instagram, you need to define your goals – why are you using the platform? Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, you are ready to narrow down your target audience. These are the most suitable people to follow back on social media, as they are the ones with whom you want to engage. 

However, to grow their followers base fast, some businesses start following people they think might like their page and then unfollow them as soon as they have gained that follow back. But this can turn out to be a waste of time. Instead, you should devise a solid follow unfollow Instagram strategy to help you boost organic growth and add value to your brand while producing genuine, consistent and quality engagement. 

Growing your community should always involve careful selection and a strategic approach. But, naturally, to minimize excessive “clutter” on your newsfeed, it is advisable to unfollow certain accounts from time to time. 

Use Instagram ads after you understand the Instagram ad experience 

Instagram offers several different ad types fitted straight into the user’s Instagram Feed, Stories Feed, and Explore Feed. They are perfectly blended in with other posts since they appear in the same format as the other content the user is consuming. For this reason, Instagram ads are hard to be spotted for what they are at first glance. That makes them a total win for companies because people hate ads.

Now, suppose you want to build an effective marketing campaign on Instagram. In that case, determine what you want to achieve and then be mindful when choosing the right type of ad. There are eight different ad types on Instagram you can use to advertise your products: Story, Photo, Video, Explore, Carousel, Collection, IGTV, and Shopping Ads. And their cost is highly dependent on various factors, like targeting, industry competitiveness, time of year, and placement.

Set your ad budget 

How much you plan to spend on advertising on Instagram is an important aspect you need to consider since your budget affects how many people see your ad. On average, the cost for Instagram ads flows between $0.70 to $1 per click. Still, as we mentioned, it depends also on other factors. You can use ScapreGram to help you with your emails.

So, consider the campaign goal and the return calculation before deciding how much you want to spend on advertising. Once you have done that, you can choose to set a daily or a lifetime budget. A daily budget is for the average you plan to pay daily for your advertising period. A lifetime budget is a maximum you plan to spend over the period your ad is set to run. 

Start working with Instagram influencers 

If you haven’t done it by now, consider using Instagram influencer marketing. This type of marketing allows brands to reach their target audience more genuinely than traditional advertising. So rather than selling directly to consumers, you are building relationships with influencers who can sell for you to their sizeable and engaged follower count. When choosing an influencer with whom you want to cooperate, remember that ideally, their audiences should mirror your own or allow you to tap into a new set of users that you are trying to reach.

Optimize your profile 

For your advertising efforts to be successful, you need to adopt some fresh practices to help you optimize your Instagram profile, such as: 

  • Add clickable hashtags to your profile description;
  • Use clickable profile links. For example, if you are an IGTV creator, you can share a link to your video description. Then, you can repost your IGTV video as Instagram Story;
  • Take advantage of the new feature Story Highlights to save stories in various selected categories listed on your profile. 


Instagram is an excellent addition to any business marketing efforts, and deploying it to raise awareness around your brand in 2022 is a perfect and smart marketing move. Using the guidance provided in this article will help you to maximize your engagement as you promote your brand and capitalize from the network’s super-targeted ad placements.