AdsSupply Review – Banner Advertising Simplified 

AdsSupply Review – Banner Advertising Simplified
AdsSupply Review – Banner Advertising Simplified

Banner advertising refers to a graphic display that may be shown across the top, bottom, or sides of a webpage. It advertises a business, brand, service, or product. What makes banners a popular form of online advertising is that it is mostly image-based, not text-based. In other words, they are more attractive and enticing people to click on them. below in this article, we’ll examine one of those banner advertising platforms – So, without further ado, let’s dive-in to our AdsSupply review!       

What is the AdsSupply platform? 

AdsSupply is a self-service digital advertising platform that allows users, even those without any special technical skills or marketing experience, to create and run banner ad campaigns using their simple and intuitive platform and tools. In other words, the platform is suitable for both newbie and experienced online marketers alike. The concept is quite simple – using the AdsSupply platform and tools, marketers are able to advertise the products and services of hundreds of online merchants and earn commissions based on a cost-per-lead (CPL) model, meaning that they get paid for every fresh lead that their ad generates. The ads will be displayed on multiple niche-related publisher websites. 

How to start advertising with AdsSupply?  

You have two options when it comes to advertising through the AdsSupply Platform.   

Custom Campaigns

This is the best option to take if you want full control of your ad campaigns. You’ll be able to change the parameters using the “Custom Campaign” option.     

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to create a new banner ad campaign from scratch: 

  1. Select ‘Create Campaign’ from the Dashboard’s page. 
  2. Choose a campaign name, which you are going to use to track your ads.  
  3. Define how long you want to run your ad (i.e., the duration of the campaign).
  4. Select a category (Sports, Electronics, Wellness, Education, Automotive, etc.).  
  5. Determine the campaign’s budget.      
  6. Pick a cover image for your ad.  
  7. Choose the exact size and target location of your banner ad. 
  8. Select a headline from the pre-made headlines that match the kind of ad you want to run.   
  9. Wait for a notification that confirms your ad has started running. Not that complicated, right?

Marketplace Campaigns

These are campaigns that you can launch instantly.   

  1. From the Dashboard’s page, click on ‘Marketplace’.    
  2. Select the type of campaign you will be running (i.e., the campaign’s niche/category – Jobs, Business Opportunities, Sports & Fitness, Electronics, Fashion, and more).   
  3. Next, choose one of the pre-made campaigns.    
  4. Click on ‘Preview’ to view the full details of the campaign.  
  5. Choose a name for your campaign to track all of your ads easily. 
  6. A notification will then be sent to you informing you that your ad is up and running. 

That’s it; it’s really that simple!     

Packages offered

Another good thing about AdsSupply, besides the user-friendly campaign creation process, is that they offer packages that meet every budget. You can decide which package best suits your needs and skill level, too (please note that there is a minimum deposit of $200 to get started using the platform). Here’s a quick brief of the packages offered:     

  • Intermediate packages

Starter account

  • Monthly market review
  • Platform guide 
  • 10% welcome value add-on

Silver account

  • Monthly market review
  • 1 live training session
  • Platform guide
  • 15% welcome value add-on
  • Advanced packages

Gold account

  • Weekly market review
  • 1 live training session
  • 25% welcome value add-on

Platinum account

  • Weekly market review
  • 1 live training session
  • 30% welcome value add-on

How can you make money using the AdsSupply platform?

Besides running ad campaigns for online advertisers, and earning commissions for every new lead their ad (or multiple ads) generates, marketers can also receive a commission of $100 every time they refer someone to AdsSupply (like a ‘refer a friend’ program). New referrals will then get a 25% welcome bonus once they run their first ad campaign.   

Bottom line

All in all, AdsSupply is a solid platform for online advertisers and affiliate marketers alike. It’s straightforward, intuitive, and well crafted even for beginners.