A Guide to Buying Beyblades and Related Accessories

Buying Beyblades

Beyblades are quite popular among people, especially the ones who were born in the 90s. buying beyblades is a series of toys based on Japanese anime series. Kids of the 90s generation may now have become dads, but they love to play Beyblade games with their children. 

These toys have helped many dads and their kids to stay inside their homes during the pandemic. But there are some dads who got bored during the pandemic as they don’t have these toys with them. They have heard from their friends that Beyblades are the best toys to spend time playing games with your children. 

Buying Beyblades can be confusing, especially when you are new. There are many different models and accessories, thus making it more confusing. The post explains the basics of Beyblades to help you make buying decisions. 

Three Things You Need to Start Playing with Beyblades:

  • Beyblades
  • Launchers
  • Stadium

You cannot play a Beyblade game without these. However, there’s more that you need to know, so keep reading. 


Three Generations of Beyblades:

Original Series

The original series was released in 1999, and Beyblades of this series are hard to find. Children use this series of Beyblades as a collection more than for playing. 

Metal Fight or Metal Fusion

The Metal Fight series was released in 2008 and is quite popular. It is also known as MFB. Some of the popular Beyblades of this series include Metal Masters, Zero-G, and Shogun Steel. All of these have the same compatibility. 

Burst Series

The burst series is the most popular Beyblade series. It was released in 2015, and since then, it has given tough competition to other Beyblades. Some of the popular Beyblades of this series include Beyblade Burst Metal Fury, Turbo, Superking and Rise. 

The burst series Beyblades are more powerful than the previous series Beyblades. They can burst during battles that previous generations’ Beyblades couldn’t. 

Beyblades from different generations can battle each other, but it is not fair to have a battle between different generations of Beyblades. It is because you can expect the new generations’ Beyblades to be more powerful. 


A launcher is a device that you need to launch a Beyblade. Each generation’s Beyblades require a different type of launcher. It means if you have a Beyblade Burst Metal Fury, you need a Burst launcher, and if you have Metal Fusion Beyblade, you need a Metal Fusion launcher. 

Some Beyblades spin right while some spin left, and even some Beyblades can spin in both directions. So, you can expect the launchers to be right spin, left spin or capable of spinning in both directions. 

Make sure you buy a launcher that matches Beyblades’ spinning direction. 

Beyblade Arena or Beyblade Stadium

It is essential to contain the Beyblade battles, and for holding battles, we have Beyblade Stadiums. Beyblade battles take place inside a Beyblade Arena or Beyblade Stadium. A stadium ensures collision of Beyblades to get a result. 

You need to have these essential things with you to play Beyblade games. Apart from these things, you can have Beyblades accessories that can help you during Beyblade battles. 


The accessories also need to be from the same generation, like Burst accessories will work only with Burst items, and Metal Fusion accessories work only with Metal Fusion items. 

The one accessory you need to have with you is a grip. A grip is a handle attached to the launcher to give you an edge over your competitor. 

Beyblade Brands

There are mainly two brands selling Beyblades and related products: Takara Tomy and Hasbro. 

Takara Tomy

Takara Tomy is a Japanese company and was the first to bring Beyblades into the market. Takara Tomy’s Beyblades are highly durable, and you can buy this brand’s Beyblades for yourself. They are available under different imprints in different countries, such as YoungToys and Sonokong in Korea and NewBoy in the Middle East. 


Hasbro brand is available in the North American region. It operates under a license from Takara Tomy. Hasbro Beyblades look similar to Takara Tomy’s Beyblades and have the same compatibility. 


Non-branded Beyblades look similar to branded Beyblades; however, they are not of high quality, so you cannot use them in Beyblade tournaments. These are only for you if you just want to try Beyblades. 

Bottom Line: This information helps you in making wise Beyblade purchases. If you are looking for Beyblade Burst for Sale or looking for an online retailer of Beyblades and related accessories, you can visit BuyBeyblades, where you will find everything you need to play a Beyblade game.