A detailed Minecraft color codes guide

    A detailed Minecraft color codes guide
    A detailed Minecraft color codes guide

    When using Minecraft, you might notice various bold, painted, or strikethrough texts. These are color codes that you can use to add the color to any text while playing the game. On the other hand, you can use formatting codes to alter the appearance of the text. It’s important to know how these color codes work to improve the fun as you are playing Minecraft. If you want to understand how Minecraft color codes work, this guide might help you. below in this article, we will cover the A detailed Minecraft color codes guide.

    The importance of color codes and format codes 

    Minecraft Color Codes are sometimes called Minecraft Formatting Codes because there is a small difference in their functions. Both of these codes allow you to add and modify the color to text. The color codes range between 1 and 9, and &a-f. Turns out the messages that you send from your server have these color codes. You can simply write these codes in front of the text to allow the coloring of that text.

    The only way you can format the text in Minecraft is by utilizing the section sign §. Therefore, if you desire to edit text or paint, you should enter this section sign code. This section sign § that is followed by a hex digit informs you to switch colors when displaying the text. Besides, you can format the text by using the section sign § followed by a character.

    The best thing is that you can add a variety of colors in command blocks, books, world names, players’ names, and many others. This is very important if you own the server, especially for someone who wants more attention from users of the Minecraft game.

    How to use color codes and format codes

    The section sign § can only be used in quills and books. These are items that you can use in Minecraft to turn books into readable written books. You can also use these written books to trade with villagers. As mentioned earlier, you can format the text by utilizing the section sign § followed by a character. But you have to use an external program to achieve this. The section sign § can be used in the server.properties file and Minecraft Server text box.

    To enter the section sign § on Windows, you should hold alt and go on and press 2 and 1, the numbers on the number pad. If you use the other numbers, it will not work. On the Mac keyboard, you should press the Option key. Alternatively, another simple way is to copy and paste the section sign § at Minecraft color codes guide. You should copy the section sign § and press ctrl and v and paste it.

    Tips on using the color codes and formatting codes

    If you use a formatting code before the color code, it will incapacitate the formatting code on the far side of the color code point. Therefore, you need to enter the color code first and only reuse a formatting code at the point where you’re changing the colors.

    To have a colored multiplayer server message of the day (MOTD), you can enter u00A7 instead of the §. The best thing is that most of the Minecraft servers have adopted their color and formatting codes as welcoming texts. This means you can customize this MOTD to appeal to more players. Also, this is a good way of promoting a new game or to alert potential players about some important information.