9 things that your travel guide might not inform you when travelling to Coorg

Travelling to Coorg
Travelling to Coorg

Travelling to coorg is a beautiful place to be and is visited by people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. When traveling to this place, you need to be aware of a few things, some of which might not be informed by your travel guide. Getting to know these aspects will allow you to be safe and enjoy your trip without facing any hassle or issues. You can book evolve back coorg in advance to have a great time at this amazing place. 

Things to know to enjoy Coorg trip

Depot Estate Homestay offers an amazing plantation experience:

You should try to spend some quality time at the plantation homestay named Depot Estate. It is located right at the town’s edge. This homestay provides its guests with a real home-like feel and not like any guesthouse. It is the childhood home of Mrs. Apanna, the owner of this plantation.

Presently, she lives in town with her husband, but still maintains and runs this plantation efficiently. You will be treated like family members right from the time you reach the door. You will be received by their friendly housekeeper, Ishwari, and will be taken full care of. This place is a fully functional coffee plantation located in a valley right across Madikeri’s highway. It appears like a scene taken out from ‘Jungle Book’ and boasts of a large pond with geese. 

To reach Coorg, you have to travel a lot: Madikeri is the main town of Coorg District. From the nearby airport, either Mysore or Mangalore, reaching this place takes about 3 hours drive. It again depends on which part of the Ghats you are coming from. However Mysore road is somewhat shorter. But driving from Mangalore offers more scenic images. It is equally time-consuming to reach this town by train. The closest stations apart from Mysore and Mangalore are Thalassery, Kannur, Kasaragod, and Hassan. Reaching Madikeri from these places takes around 3 hours. 

Taj resort offers amazing views, however, beware of the GPS: You can get excellent views from the Taj Resort. You can rent a bike to reach this place. But don’t believe in the GPS to get your route to the Taj from your place. Chances are you will end up with a bumpy ride through the narrow, stony, forest roads. You can opt for the route travelling past the golf club to reach the Taj using GPS. 

Takes a lot of leg power: There is a lot to explore at Coorg. You can book a rental bike to move around the town or choose to explore the remote corners that are inaccessible to vehicles. Madikeri is established within a small bowl-shaped valley having hills in the surrounding. You can go for an evening stroll to capture the beauty of the place. You will also experience a chilly breeze even during the peak summer season. You will require thick jackets to protect yourself from the cold. Being a hilly place, you need to know what to carry along and be prepared to walk more. 

Enjoy sightseeing riding through the beautiful hills:

If you love riding a bike, then Coorg is the best place to enjoy your time. Kabbe hills boast of having several nice trekking spots. You can ask the route at the helpdesk at your hotel or any local person with good knowledge of the region. You are sure to enjoy your ride on a rental bike that is charged by the hour. You can ride through the rice fields, past plantations, over rivers, and across forested hills. 

Chelevara waterfalls:

You can also take a stop at this waterfall. However, you need to move through a narrow trail to reach this waterfall. You can get to admire it standing on a steep ledge located at the trail’s end. Moving past the falls, you reach the hills and come across a small rocky stream that flows past the road. This stream is hidden by bushes and trees. You are sure to have a blissful time here. 

Tourist spots crammed with tourists for most of the time: You can visit Dubare Elephant camp and Abbey Falls. You can find noisy tourists at Abbey Falls busy taking selfies from all angles. The falls are just beautiful and are a wonderful place to be. However, the viewing bridge is fenced off and requires you to do some fence-climbing as well as work with your zoom lens to ensure avoiding the hordes captured in your photograph. This is something that most travel resources will not warn their clients.

Visiting a riverbank:

You can reach the Cauvery river bank to relax at the elephant camp. Planning early will ensure you can get the morning slot meant for visitors. This camp also has accommodation facilities. However, non-resident visitors can enjoy this place for a small fee between 9 and 11 am. This place is also crowded with tourists and quite noisy like the falls. However, you can get a good gaze at the river from a far corner, thus being away from the tourist crowd. 

Abeo’s Kitchen, Madikeri’s culinary oasis:

If you spend a good amount of time in Coorg, then you can try out the different restaurants spread across Madikeri. You should definitely have Coorg Cuisinette to enjoy the delicious Kodava-styled food. There are restaurants like Atithi that serve a complete South Indian meal on a clean banana leaf. The food is hygienic, nutritious as well as good to taste. Kodavas are known to consume meat, especially pork. The overall standard maintained of other types of food served here mainly North Indian and South India is quite modest.

The only place where you can get western food is Abeo’s Kitchen. It is run by Nishanth along with his wife. Here, vegetarians can order a toasted sandwich and mushroom jaffle while those who love non-veg food should try a pulled-pork burger. Most restaurants are open for dinner only between 8 and 9 pm.

Booking your stay with evolve back coorg is sure to allow you to explore the lengths and breadths of this town.