8 Trends That Will Shape the Nursing Career

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, most people never knew, let alone imagine, that there was a shortage of nurses. The few nurses have become overwhelmed with increased patient turnouts, causing frequent burnouts.

Nursing Career
Nursing Career

The government has created alternative mentorship and job opportunities for budding and professional nurses to overcome this pressure. It starts with embracing the dynamic nature of this field by understanding how the nursing trends will shape its future.

  1. The rise of online education and training programs

As is expected, learning how to become a registered nurse starts with amassing knowledge from reliable sources. It is expected that the future of learning will happen online, unlike in the past when nursing experts were forced to book in-person learning sessions in accredited learning institutions. Learning online has many perks, but the main one is convenience. Soon, nurses won’t have to  

  1. A robust nursing self-care plan

Caring for patients is every nurse’s ultimate goal, but what are the odds they will not do the same for themselves? Each day a patient walks into a hospital, they expect nurses to care for them, leading to burnout. In the long run, a nurse experiencing burnout can hardly become productive. It is time nursing professionals learn to care for themselves to overcome burnout and become more action-oriented.

  1. More family nursing professionals replacing primary care physicians

Currently, there is a shortage of primary care doctors. Initially, nurses were seen as errand people who heeded to doctors’ requests, but that has since changed. Besides caring for patients, nurses can also prescribe medications and discharge patients without a primary care provider. This will inspire more of them to pursue their careers as family nursing professionals in the future.

  1. Promoting gender diversity

In the 1960s, 2 out of 10 nurses were men in the US. Considering the job security, lucrative salary, and other benefits, you can expect more men to join the field. Today, nursing is no longer a woman’s job. Men can also provide quality-assuring care just like women. All it takes is discipline and hard work.

  1. More geriatric specialists will enter the field

Soon, you can expect the trend to change. Currently, most professionals have not yet registered in geriatrics. As the number of senior populations keeps rising, it is no surprise that more nurses will enter the field—the number of people specializing in geriatric care will increase as well.

  1. Areas of specialization will increase

In today’s world, nurses can decide which area of specialization suits them best. A nurse can undergo training as an educator, in-charge, infection control expert, or clinical development specialist. That allows them to work in person or remotely with patients. In the years to come, registered nurses will be open to diversity for purposes of improving healthcare.

  1. Comprehensive care will become popular

Comprehensive care is a holistic approach that addresses an individual’s mental, physical and physiological well-being. For example, if a patient is exhibiting signs of high blood pressure, medical providers will not just address their physical aspects alone.

Instead, they will also try to determine if the patient’s condition results from their mental health. Comprehensive care allows nursing experts to work and advocate for the best results for patients. Soon, all consultations and treatment procedures will be treated holistically instead of dwelling on the physical aspects alone.

  1. Telemedicine will grow popular

If there is something the COVID-19 pandemic has taught nurses, it is to maximize the use of telemedicine. Today, a nurse can interact with a patient online instead of scheduling in-person sessions. However, this trend comes with specific drawbacks. For instance, a nursing provider will need to obtain a patient’s consent before providing telemedicine services. The result is privacy concerns that may attract legal issues. It only makes sense for nursing providers to ensure they use secure platforms that will not compromise either party’s privacy.

Going by these eight trends, nursing enthusiasts can expect the field to grow today and in the years to come. Whether you are still in nursing school or looking to expand your nursing opportunity, seeing the positive side of such trends will help shape your career and benefit your community.

Nursing Career
Nursing Career