8 Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time

8 Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time
8 Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time

Maybe you are well-prepared for your exam but it will come of no use if you cannot finish it on time. To reach your expected potential in your exams you need to finish writing on time. Most of the students face this odious issue of not being able to complete the whole paper. Either half or some of the answers are left incomplete. For this reason even after having a good preparation some students can not attain good marks in the exam. below in this article, we will cover the 8 Tips On How to Finish Exam On Time.

Read on below to learn a few tips on how to complete your exam on time.

1. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Nothing beats practicing. It is the most effective and efficient way to forfeit the exam techniques. Instead of spending too much time on planning, write and write as much as you can. Because you won’t get marks for your plans but your write-ups are going to get marked. Give priority to what you know and practice writing that way.

If it is your maths exam, have a good hand over your financial calculators. Practice using calculators to save time in the exam. Know how to use it beforehand instead of wasting time in figuring out the process in the exam hall.

Remember to have a good idea about what you are writing. Do not rush and do not get distracted. Even if you don’t know the answers, do not give up, calmly keep writing your paper.  You will do great in the actual exam by maintaining these practices in practice exams!

2. Increase your Speed  

There is a problem we all face during the exams, the aching in our hand, arm and wrist. After hours of intense writing, this aching makes one’s writing pace slow. To overcome this you need to write everyday to get used to it. Use those pens which you find comfortable while writing. But do not get your hand-writing messy due to righting quickly.

3. Make a Plan and Divide the Time

After getting the question paper, you should go through it thoroughly and start to calculate the time you are going to spend on each question.

Students struggle with managing the time often, particularly with the descriptive essay-type questions. The best way to tackle these questions is to make a plan and be organised.

So, at first create a master plan for writing the essay. The best approach is to write down all the points and then describe the points. Make a plan in your head how much time you want to use for describing each point. Normally essays are of 5 paragraphs with the introduction and conclusion. 

Do not take more than 2 / 3 minutes for each paragraph.

An effective way to finish essay questions or paragraphs is to not spend more than 7-10 minutes on it. When you see that the 10 minutes is over you should move on to the next question instead of prolonging the answer you are writing. This way you definitely will be able to finish all the answers with a minute or two left for revising.  

Practice this technique and you will be at a pace of discipline in no time. This strategy will get you into the cycle of answering all the questions instead of answering questions in an explained way which takes a lot of time.

4. Keep Your Head Down and Focus

Exam time is mostly wasted by looking around the hall. This kills the concentration as well as the flow of writing. While writing essays there is no time to waste. So, being distracted will not help you instead it will be harmful. Keep your attention on your own writing instead of checking what others are writing.            

You might need time to think about your key points but that is fine. Taking time for phrasing the point properly is okay instead of approaching it abruptly. The only thing you need to maintain is to be focused on your game.

5. Start with the Low-Hanging Fruit

This means starting to write the easy and short answers at first. This helps you to ensure your marks as well as saves more time for writing the essay-type questions. Starting with the easy questions also boosts up your confidence and gets you into a flow of writing. This helps you to write essay-type questions easily.

6. Ask for More Paper Before you Need It

The last thing you can wish for is to have three or more essay questions in hand and no paper left for writing, waiting for an invigilator to bring you extra sheets. This carelessness kills a lot of your time. Remember to ask for extra sheets when you have two papers left in hand. Raise your hand while still writing on the paper. Also, never hesitate to ask for papers with one / two pages in hand.

7. Never Give Up

If you see that the time is running out fast and you still have loads of questions to answer do not hesitate and get scared. Do not give up on your faith in finishing the whole paper. Utilize the time that is  available. Answer all the questions succinctly with concise words. 

It might get really tempting to give up because of the struggle. Don’t give up. That would be the worst thing to do at that moment. Keep on writing and brainstorming until the bell rings. Never stop giving effort. If you believe in your ability, eventually you will end up writing all of the answers in that short time!

In any case, you can improve the current grade. You can do it by yourself or with the help of professionals. In the second case, you can take courses, tutors, or essay writing services, such as cheappaperwriting.com.

8. Write in a Clean Manner

If you write everything clearly and properly in a clean manner, it helps you in two ways. The checker will be impressed by the write up and will give more marks and you won’t have to write much or overwrite. Untidy writing will create chaos and mistakes which takes up time to fix.

Giving a good exam does not mean the preparation program or the study routine or the revision plan. It is the exam itself!     

No matter what, try to attempt  all the questions. Don’t panic, be confident!  Best of luck with all future exams!