8 TikTok Marketing Tips You Need to Know

8 TikTok Marketing Tips

TikTok has 1 billion monthly users. That means that it’s become not only one of the most entertaining apps but the best way to market content and products. 

But with so many active users, it can be a bit of a challenge to stand out amongst the crowd. You need to know the best ways to market yourself on TikTok, grow an audience, and build engagement.

Here are the TikTok marketing tips you need to know to successfully advertise on the platform.

1. Use Hashtags

As with other social media platforms, one of the best TikTok marketing tips is to take advantage of hashtags. TikTok only allows you to use five hashtags per video, so make sure you pick the ones that work best.

They should be relevant to your video and have a high number of search results, meaning people are actively looking through these hashtags to find videos they might like.

There are also third-party apps available where you can type in a video idea or concept and see relevant hashtags that are trending on the platform. It’s worth looking into if you struggle to find the hashtags that do best.

2. Jump on Trending Audio

You should also involve audio in your TikTok marketing plan. The reason for this is that TikTok promotes videos that use current trending audio, meaning they’re more likely to appear on other people’s feeds.

It’s usually easy to see what audio is trending because you can scroll through your homepage and see which sounds are cropping up again and again.

If you’re marketing visual things like products or services, it’s easy to find audio to put over them. If you’re marketing audio — such as music — this might be a little trickier. Read more here about promoting music on TikTok.

3. Follow Other Similar Creators

While you want to stand out above your competitors when marketing, you also have to make friends and networks. Following people who promote similar content to you, even if they aren’t director competitors, can ensure that you bring people over to your audience from theirs.

They might see you commenting on their posts, for example, and be tempted to click on your profile.

You can also make deals with other accounts to promote each other’s content. However, you should always be genuine and never try to use people for your own gain with no payback, as this can be detrimental. Rightfully so!

4. Duet People

One cool feature of TikTok that other platforms don’t have is dueting people. This is social media marketing where you can reply to someone’s video and add your own reaction.

Doing this with popular videos can bring people over to yours.

You should just make sure you’re never doing it to make fun of people or call out a competitor unless it’s in good spirits and it works for you both. This might make you seem like a business that people would rather not engage with.

5. Ask Questions

When you’re posting videos, ask yourself the question: is this something people would respond to?

If you post an amusing video but there’s no real question or need for feedback, people might not respond. Try to ask questions either in the caption or the video itself so people are tempted to type a comment.

The more likes and comments a video has, the more likely it is to be promoted on the homepage, so build as much engagement as you can. You don’t have to ask a question on every single video, but doing it now and again might be a huge help.

6. Engage With Followers

The last thing you want is for any people who do engage with you to feel like they’re yelling into a void when they comment on your videos. Reply to people!

Even if you’re limited on time and follow a few people back or click the heart on a comment every now and again, this can really encourage people to interact with you as they see that you’re acknowledging them and appreciate the support.

When you have time, also make the effort to type some real replies and keep the conversation going.

7. Post Regularly (But Don’t Spam)

If you forget about your TikTok, you’re going to lose followers. People are fickle and will drift away, so make sure you post regularly!

On the same token, try not to spam people. A TikTok once every couple of days is fine and you shouldn’t post more than once a day without a good reason or people may get annoyed with the content.

8. Cross-Advertise on Other Social Media

If you have even a small following on any other social media platform, don’t forget to advertise your TikTok on there. Post it on your Facebook or Twitter account so ensure people know to head over there and follow you.

You could even incentivize them to do so by holding giveaways exclusively for TikTok followers. Randomize a reward for new followers and run this sort of promotion frequently to draw people in. The rest of the tips will keep them engaged.

Follow These TikTok Marketing Tips for Success

Although TikTok is a large platform and it might take a while to find your footing and stand out among the crowd, following these TikTok marketing tips will lead you to success. Have patience, post consistently, and make sure you hop on trends and engage with your followers.

If you do all of these things then you’ll see your audience grow in no time.

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