8 Core Duties of a Receptionist in London

A receptionist job in London is one of the most sought jobs after other part-time jobs in London, including a caretaker job, online teaching job, etc. A job as a receptionist is also a good option if you are currently studying in London. It can get you a handsome amount of money in consideration of the services provided by you. A receptionist is always expected to be friendly and greatly organized, but it should always be kept in mind that this job is much more than taking up phone calls.  

Receptionist in London

Apart from taking phone calls, there are a number of duties and responsibilities that a receptionist is expected to be surrounded by in London. The receptionist jobs in London part time have become so common among the international students who come so far away from their home states to study in the UK. Moreover, a receptionist in London is required to behave professionally and work as per the norms and procedures of the company. Furthermore, a receptionist in London is always the first attraction for the employees and the clients who see you (receptionist) first.  

There are some core duties that a receptionist in London is expected to perform efficiently in an organization. Let us have a look at some of them:- 

  • One of the most important core duties of a receptionist in London is to answer the call within three rings, both external and internal, and to direct the call to the appropriate concerned person. To check voicemail messages on a daily basis is also a duty that a receptionist is required to do. 
  • To greet and meet all the visitors at the reception is yet another important and must-to-do job, a receptionist is required to strictly follow. Moreover, helping visitors, to book taxis for the visitors and the staff, and then to record all the details on the taxi log are some of the other duties of the receptionist.
  • It must also be ensured by the receptionist that the printing room is tidy and not unhygienic. 
  •  In every organization, meetings are conducted time-to-time so that the work environment remains the same and can be improved or enhanced if needed. So, it has to be ensured by the receptionist that all the rooms are properly ready for the meeting to be organized and the required equipment are also available and properly functional. 
  • The meeting room must have all the equipment ready including stationery, water bottle and all should be in an appropriate and dirt-free condition. 
  • Furthermore, an efficient receptionist in an organization is also required to greet and manage all the clients and visitors in a friendly and supportive way. It should always be ensured that good eye contact with all the employees and clients be maintained. Moreover, communication skills and good body language are a must-have for an efficient image of the company. 
  • Some other general duties of a receptionist include welcoming all the clients and making sure that required hospitality is given. To make sure that in the event of any problem, complaint or compliment, it should be directly communicated to the supervisor or hospitality manager.
  • To keep the meeting room clean and always ready when the meetings are to be organized. To make sure that the reception area is also properly cleaned at all times. To arrive on duty in full uniform and checking emails on a regular basis sent to the recipient’s email addresses are also the core duties that a receptionist is required to do and in a proper manner.

To Conclude

On the whole, in order to perform better in any organization, these are the core duties that each and every person who is opting to become a receptionist in London has to strictly follow. These are such responsibilities/ duties that are must-have for a receptionist for an efficient running of an organization. It is to be noted that the work timings of a receptionist may also be flexible at times with having a 1-hour break in between during the office hours. Moreover, overtime done during office hours is either compensated with money or a holiday.