8 Coolest Things That You Can do with Your Virtual Private Network

 Virtual Private Network

Millions of people are working from home due to the ongoing pandemic. During their free time, they want to browse the internet with freedom and watch their favorite movies and shows. They also want to remain anonymous on the web to keep their private data and personal information secure. They can do this by setting up a virtual private network on their Spectrum WiFi plans quite easily.

VPN or virtual private networks provide users the ability to browse the web without any surveillance from ISPs or governments. They provide a new IP address to the users so that they can browse freely on the internet. A VPN also provides access to websites that are otherwise blocked in the actual geographical location of the user. There are many cool things that you can do with a VPN network. Some of the coolest things you can do are as follows. 

Easy Access to Streaming Portals

By using a VPN network, you can easily access many streaming portals that may not be otherwise accessible in your geographic location. Even when you’re traveling to another country where the service is unavailable, you can simply use a VPN network to continue using your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. With the help of a VPN network, you can change your location on the web to your host country and gain access to your favorite TV shows and movie content easily.

Anonymous Browsing on the Web

VPN networks also enable users to remain anonymous while browsing the web. Open and public Wi-Fi networks pose quite a threat to users and hackers can easily gain access to the router. Once they do, they can spread malware to all devices connected to it. With the help of a VPN network, however, the IP address of users becomes encrypted and hackers are unable to access any private information such as credit card details.

Better Internet Speeds 

Internet service providers do not provide internet speeds as promised at times. They do this to limit the data caps of users. However, if you use a VPN network with strong encryption then even your ISP can’t limit your internet speed or track your online activity. 

Access to Blocked Websites

In some countries, certain sites are blocked. These sites may include social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, etc. If you want to use them, then you use a VPN network to change your IP address to a country where they are accessible. As soon as you do, you will be able to access these websites easily. 

Discounted Prices for Airlines and Hotels

Interestingly, airlines and even hotel companies provide different packages to customers in different locations. If you do a little bit of research, then you can change your IP address using a VPN network to a place that has better discount offers available. Just make sure to clear your browser cookies before you change your VPN location.

Unlimited Access to Websites that Limit Viewership

There are many blogging and newspaper websites that store users’ cookies and IP address information to limit the number of articles that they can read per day. However, if you use multiple IP addresses, then you can open the website as many times as you want to. Just change the IP address every time you reach your daily limit.

Ability to Create Multiple Accounts on the Same Website

VPN networks also allow users to create multiple accounts on the same website. If you try to create multiple accounts from the same location, the website will know that it’s you. However, if you are using a VPN server in different locations, then you can easily create multiple accounts.

No More Tracking of Online Activity from ISPs

Internet service providers often track the online activity of their users. Governments also monitor the activity of their citizens. However, if you want to maintain your privacy on the web, then you can use virtual private networks to do so on both your mobile and laptop devices. All you need to do is install a VPN service.

These are some of the coolest things that you can do with your VPN network. Not only can you browse anonymously on the web, but you can also ensure that your data remains secure.