7 Unusual Places Bugs Hide

Places Bugs Hide

Dealing with bugs and insects in the home can be really annoying. Even more so, when you find them in unusual places. It is quite regular to find bugs moving in your kitchen, where they can find food or the bathroom due to the moisture. However, you can also find them in some really strange areas that will leave you baffled. We have detailed below seven unusual places where bugs hide.

Seven Unusual Places Where Bugs Hide

This is a list of unexpected places where you might find a bug.

  • Door Hinges: It might come as a surprise but bugs can be found hiding in door hinges sometimes. Typically, this happens in a case of serious pest infestation in the home. One species of bugs that are most likely to be found on indoor hinges are bed bugs. If you find bed bugs in your door hinges, then you are dealing with an infestation. It is best for you to take immediate action in such a case. 
  • Dishwashers: You may not be aware but a dishwasher is a favorable location for bugs and insects. Not only does it serve as a comfortable hiding spot for them, it also provides them with food and moisture. Insects get into dishwashers through the gaps in the installation. Inside this equipment, they enjoy an abundance of food, as they have access to leftovers and scraps on dishes. They also enjoy the moisture that comes from water lines.
  • Spices: It is not unusual to find bugs inside the food. However, finding them in spices might be a bit shocking. Surprisingly, most bugs enjoy spices which explains why you might find hiding in them. Some of the spices that bugs love include cumin, turmeric, ginger, fennel, chili powder, paprika as well as black pepper. 
  • Books: Another unusual item that bugs hide in are books. Do not be surprised when you open you open your favorite paperback, and you spot a cockroach moving on the pages. Carpet beetles and bed bugs can also be found hiding in books.
  • Violin Bows: This one might not come as a surprise to musicians, but bugs hide in bows of instruments. From cello to viola and violin, they find their way into these instruments. Oftentimes than not, they are responsible for strings that are broken while the instrument is in its case. Bow mites are the biggest culprit when it comes to violin bows.
  • Light Fixtures and Electrical Outlets: Insects hide inside electrical outlets and light fixtures. Insects are drawn to light, so they feel comfortable inside light fixtures. Fire ants and cockroaches are commonly found in light fixtures and electrical outlets.
  • Alarm Clocks: Alarm clocks are hiding spots for bed bugs and this is because of their proximity to beds. They hide there sometimes, before coming out to feed on sleeping humans at night. 


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