7 Tips To Improve LMS User Experience For Your Online Learner

7 Tips To Improve LMS User Experience For Your Online Learner
7 Tips To Improve LMS User Experience For Your Online Learner

Almost every industry today has moved online and the education industry is not so far behind as well. As a result, there are various learning management systems available online today for students. below in this article, we will cover the 7 Tips To Improve LMS User Experience For Your Online Learner.

Creating an LMS from scratch is not an easy task, especially writing the source code. However, there is no need to stress out over source code, as you can avail yourself with the Khan Academy Source Code. All you need to do is contact them and you will have the most essential ingredient required to develop a learning management system in your grasp. Now,  you focus more on other essential things like user experience, etc. 

Just getting the source code won’t be enough for you to survive in the market. Your LMS must stand out and in order to do so, you need to work on your platform constantly specifically on the platforms user experience. So here we bring to you the best 7 Tips To Improve LMS User Experience For Your Online Learners. 

Regular Improvements 

In case, of a learning management system, the course curriculum is the king. However, no one is able to create a perfect course curriculum for their learning management system.  It takes a considerable amount of time and regular improvements to reach a point where you can even use the curriculum on your LMS. So you need to keep in mind that every course owner is lacking in one field/area or other and needs to add things.  

Well, this is not just about adding things, depending on the situation and requirements you might also have to chip up your course that is, remove the unnecessary parts from the course.


It might not seem to have a significant impact on your users from a distance. However, typography can heavily impact your users perspective. Typography includes use of the appropriate font style, text size, and other elements affecting the format your course content. These aspects are really important in making your course text a lot more easier to read and understand, thus directly affecting the user experience of your learning management system. 

Your users might not be able to perceive it, but bad typography can really ruin their user experience to the extent that some of them might even quit your courses. So we would highly recommend you to go for a professional who can really enhance your content. If you really want to do it yourself then we would recommend you to first, check out the basics of typography. 

Gamify The Platform 

There are a thousand of learning management system available online, so if you really want to stand out, then you have to make your platform way more informative, attractive and most importantly interactive than the others. One approach you can take towards this is by gamifying your learning platform. Students often seem to understand and learn better when they do it with a mindset of entertainment or gaming. This is probably the best approach that this industry has taken towards improving the learning platform. 

During the scripting of the source code, you can simply gamify your platform by adding simple features such as training activities, different levels to be unlocked, global ranking system, etc to motivate your users to compete and do their best, hence improving their learning experience on your LMS. Well if you are facing problems in creating your own source code then you can contact Khan Academy to avail their source code. Their source code comes with all the basic and necessary features required to build an interactive learning management system. With this, you will get time to focus on the other important things for your platform. 

Simplify The Navigation Controls 

All most every user of a learning management system is there with the mindset of obtaining some information. Between this, a complex navigation system can really be a hindrance. What’s the use of all the work you did if your users are not able to reach the desired information easily. So you need to make sure that your LMS has a simple to use navigation system. We would recommend going with a standard navigation system making use of simple commands and familiar navigation interface just the one used in the khan academy source code. This way your user will already be familiar, if not expert with your learning management system’s navigation interface, hence resolving the problem to an extent. Moreover, you can also include a navigation system training interface for your new users joining the community. 

Responsiveness To Different Platforms 

One of the issue you might face in the near future with your application is the ability to run on different platforms. All of your users are neither going to be using the same device not the platform and if your learning management systems source code is not enhanced to work on a different platform then my friend you are for sure going to lose a major number of your users. If you don’t want that to happen then we would recommend you to go for cross-platform development. This way your LMS will work on the platforms providing the same user experience to all of your users across the globe. 


An important aspect of improving your learning management system is user feedback. You need to improve your LMS platform according to users response. This way you can easily improve the platforms user experience. 


The platform response time is crucial, as nobody wants a slow platform. So you need to make sure that your platform has a fast loading speed. This can be easily achieved by finding the perfect balance between the image size and other elements and the backend process.

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