7 of the Best Colleges in the State of California

7 of the Best Colleges in the State of California
7 of the Best Colleges in the State of California

If you are a senior in high school and intend to attend college in the state of California, then you’re in luck. California has many colleges and universities to choose from which provide world-class education and offer vast choices of extracurricular activities. Some of the world’s premier universities are found in the golden state. Here are the top 7 of the best universities to attend in California. 

1. Stanford University

Stanford is arguably among the most famous and most prestigious among the colleges not only in California but all over the world. Only 14% of applicants are accepted to attend the college each year, and their faculty is composed of several Noble and Pulitzer prize winners. 

2. University of California-Los Angeles

UCLA is a world-class university that is well-known for its terrific athletic programs. Their faculty is composed of award-winning lecturers for over 3800 courses. The UCLA admission requirements are relatively simple. There’s enough information on the internet on how to submit your UCLA admission requirements if you are looking to apply. 

3. The University of California-Berkeley

UCB is currently considered the top public university in the entire United States. It has even outranked several of the world’s best colleges such as Princeton, Oxford, Columbia, and more. UCB has also gone to produce several successful alumni such as the founders of Apple, MySpace, The Gap, etc. UCLA admission requirements are slightly competitive. You can search for their admission requirements online. 

4. California Institute of Technology

CalTech is arguably the best college to attend in California if you are looking for a degree in the field of engineering and sciences. CalTech boasts 35 Nobel-prize winning faculty and a student to teacher ratio of 1000 to 300. CalTech is located on a small campus that is said to add more appeal to the university. Approximately 99% of CalTech students are part of the top 10% of their high school class. 

5. Pomona College

Pomona is a well-known college for degrees in the arts and sciences. The college is renowned for its financial aid programs that help struggling students who are accepted into the college with their financial needs. Pomona is also one of the few colleges left with a need-blind policy for admissions. It is one of 7 California Claremont colleges.

6. Claremont Mckenna College

Claremont Mckenna is also one of the top Claremont colleges in California that adapt an oxford-style manner of learning. Claremont Mckenna students are exposed to multiple disciplines to form a very well-rounded curriculum. 

7. Soka University of America

SUA is college dedicated to the arts with strong ties to several study abroad programs. The school offers full scholarships to lower-income students. Although their classes are strict without bias on religion and sectarianism, their campus’ principle centers a great deal on Buddhist Principles. SUA also implements healthy eating on campus, and thus, their cafeteria aims to serve only healthy food.

All the colleges listed above are prestigious and provide you with an excellent university education. Choose a university that is suited to your needs and specialized in the course you want to take.