7 Marvelous Business Ideas for Introverts

7 Marvelous Business Ideas
7 Marvelous Business Ideas

Extroverts play their roles well as entrepreneurs and business owners because they’re outgoing and social. While that is true, it doesn’t suggest that introverts can’t practice entrepreneurship and run businesses. The world contains well-known introverts that are doing well in place. People call them ‘shy’, ‘serious’, and ‘reserved’. Still, the truth is they simply need a quiet, collaborative environment and time alone. We also have admirable business attributes portrayed by introverts. You can also check out Profitable Venture for more business ideas.

That’s why we can’t say extroverts are better entrepreneurs than introverts. With appropriate investment advice from reputable sources, such as Bugis Credit, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. Nevertheless, some businesses suit introverts better than extroverts. Let’s discuss some of them.

Become a freelancer in writing

The internet contains millions of websites and more others coming up every day. These websites need content. Some of the owners write their content, but a majority hire freelancers to do the writing. It can be blog posts, articles, web copy, product descriptions, or essays. It might take you longer to make it a full-time career, but finding an entry-level website job- low paying can still work in most cases.

Try out sites like Madiabistro and Upwork.com. Remember, this job doesn’t limit you to working hours. You can either do it at night, daytime, and anywhere it feels comfortable. The best part is the communication mode. Potential customers reach you through email and chatting, but not in person. You’ll sit alone on the computer and work for hours.


Going through a written script, making corrections, and proofreading can be an excellent gig for an introvert. Just like online writing, it needs attention to detail, focus, and solitude. Working opportunities are almost everywhere on the internet required by individuals in need of polishing their posts. You may choose to add yourself more knowledge by enrolling in online classes that teach writing basics and requirements. Still, work is obtained from websites like UpWork and Freelance.com, among others.

Online surveying

Completing online surveys is another side gig alternative for introverted individuals. You can decide to treat it as a full-time job because of a greater chance of earning more. People doing the job understand it as the easiest and quickest income earner. We know that different companies pay differently, but most of them range their payment between $1 and $35. Such companies include Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks, and many more that only require you to complete their surveys and earn. It could be a series of questions or being asked to rate a certain service or product.

Social media consultant

Currently, the best way to reach out to more potential clients isn’t through commercials and print ads. For you to compete perfectly, a social media presence is excellent. You only need to understand how to successfully do that. It’s best if you acquire marketing skills and experience. Furthermore, know how to utilize social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and website links to build a strong followers system for creating more brand awareness. It gives the business a social media consultant to sell business owners’ products and services as they pay for your services.

Etsy shop

We’ve got multiple individuals hawking their products on Etsy.com. There’s definitely more room for others willing to join. In case you’ve got a product in mind and ready to sell, simply create an Etsy store, and make it public for selling. It may involve time to time walks to the post office and several emails, but there’s no interaction with people. For your product to sell bets, create something that customers will love and buy easily. Be creative and think through what people commonly use. It could be soap, clothes, food, or home decoration, among others. Here, your earnings greatly rely on the much you sell, what’s being sold, and the profit margin. You can get more profit by dealing with crafts, art, jewelry, and many other handmade products.

Virtual assistant

How good are you when it comes to the computer? A virtual assistant is responsible for numerous tasks as assigned by web owners and working professionals. The roles gave change depending on the job. Such duties could be like;

  • Customer care services
  • Database entering
  • Online research
  • Making template designs
  • Creating documents
  • Replying to client emails
  • Update on industry trends and news
  • Blog management
  • Creating presentations
  • Schedule meetings and traveling

The payment may again vary based on the kind of job assigned or the owner. Virtual assistants mostly charge between $15 and $70 in one hour. Apart from building your customer service through strong connections and networking, websites, including Fiverr and UpWork, can grant you jobs. Anti-social people can enjoy the quietness and privacy this job type offers as they earn. You may get engaged in numerous emails daily but may never set your eyes on these clients. Won’t that be great for you?

Amazon seller or making deliveries

The Amazon store orients various money, making opportunities well-suited for introverts. For instance, the retail arbitrage allows buying a product at a lower price and selling it through Amazon at a higher price to gain profit. You simply begin by downloading and installing the Amazon seller’s app to understand the most hotcake products. Another business is reselling books and getting a car to offer delivery services through Amazon Flex. If not, then become an Amazon affiliate. Develop your blog and mention any Amazon products accompanied by your custom link. In case a customer buys the product through your link, be sure to earn some percentage of the sale.

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The bottom line

Undoubtedly, introverts have a lot to give to the world. However, this can mainly happen in surroundings that best accompany their strengths. Making the right business decision determines your joy in the entrepreneurship world. It’s because it’d be challenging to work in a business requiring frequent interaction with other people, especially strangers. To be on the right, one should understand their personality correctly to get the correct lighting. Do what you love using your natural God-given powers like persistence, sensitivity, insight, great listening, and concentration. If you’re an introvert and have trouble choosing a business favoring your personality, please go through the above write-up to see your suit.