7 Inexpensive Bathroom Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you’re looking to make your bathroom that extra bit glamorous, a little more organized, or add practical essentials, here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled 7 quirky and essential bathroom gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

Bathroom Gadgets

Gadget 1- SipCaddy Cupholder

Say goodbye to trying to awkwardly balance drinks while using the bathroom. The SipCaddy Cupholder is a nifty device that sticks to the side of your hot tub or bath- perfect for holding bottles, cans, or glasses of wine. Finally, no more crying over spilt drinks!

Gadget 2- Motion Sensor, Night Light Toilet

This motion sensor toilet bowl has 8 LED light colours to choose from and various color rotation modes, perfect for adding a hint of disco to your bathroom, or for the practical function of helping you see where the toilet is if the main light is broken. Incredibly easy to install, the LED light fitting is also energy efficient, using motion sensors to provide an automatic light that stays on for 40 seconds and turns off automatically.

Gadget 3- Mini Dehumidifiers

Especially useful for small bathrooms, or bathrooms that don’t have a ventilation system, mini dehumidifiers are essential for helping everything to dry faster- reducing condensation, mould, and mildew. Working using minimal noise, the mini dehumidifiers remove excess moisture and eliminate odours, improving the overall health and comfort of your home. 

Gadget 4- Beard Apron

Revolutionizing the usual mess that comes with shaving, this bib is ideal for catching hair that would typically make a mess of the bathroom area or clog up the sink. Attached to the bottom of the apron are pressurized suction cups that stick to any surface, providing a net to catch the hair as it falls. Simple yet effective!

Gadget 5- Toothpaste Squeezer

The toothpaste squeezer will not only help you cut down on waste but help you reach the last pesky bits of toothpaste too. By pushing the bottom end of the toothpaste tube into the squeezer and pulling it through, the toothpaste tube can be fully emptied with ease. You’ll be pleased to know it works well with various tube products such as cleansing foams, hand creams, or paint tubes.

Gadget 6- Glass Squeegee

Keeping reflective bathroom surfaces clean is often a nightmare but investing in a squeegee will sort that problem. The soft, contoured squeegee allows tiles, mirrors, shower doors, and windows to be wiped off neatly and efficiently, ensuring squeak-free cleaning. 

Gadget 7- Automatic Soap Dispenser

Operated using a touchless sensor, the automatic soap dispenser is perfect for reducing the number of germs left on the traditional style soap pump. The device works well with any kind of liquid soap, just add your favorite scented hand wash, adding a stylish and efficient gadget to your bathroom.