7 Healthy Drinks That Keep You Energized All The Day

We all have days when we feel lethargic or stressed out, leading to fatigue or low energy. It is normal, and it happens to everyone. The reasons can be multiple. From no sleep to poor sleep quality to not exercising or extreme stress, the reasons may vary, but the outcome is the same.

7 Healthy Drinks
7 Healthy Drinks

On such days, we need to drink or eat things that can keep us energized so that our productivity at work doesn’t suffer. When we are low on energy, our work suffers, we become irritated, and it can even lead to disagreements. Luckily there are few healthy drinks that you can sip on all day. It makes you feel refreshed and productive (and they don’t include energy drinks! They are full of sugar). So, let us look into these 7 healthy drinks and prepare ourselves for the next day when we feel low, tired, and extremely haggard.

1. Smoothies for the win

 When you wake up irritated or tired, you know how the day will move forward. Isn’t it? The best way to beat the fatigue is to drink a green smoothie first thing in the morning. Just blend in some spinach, avocado, pineapple, coconut water, and you are good to go.

Try these green smoothie variations which will make your mornings much better. All green smoothies are low in sugar but super-rich in fiber, a perfect way to keep you high on energy.

 2. Coffee- the best

 Even the aroma of coffee can make a few people exceptionally better and less tired. If your morning ritual starts with coffee, you know how energetic it can make you feel. Popping your Nespresso compatible pod in the machine and waiting for that perfect espresso is therapeutic. Also, caffeine stimulates our brain, making us feel alert and focused.

You can drink it mid-day or before 4 pm to re-energize yourself. Make sure you drink black coffee, espresso, or if you take milk, skip sugar/cream/half & half. That is healthier and will give you better focus than the coffee, which resembles a dessert more. However, it’s also important to remember not to take too much coffee as caffeine causes teeth stains. If you do have teeth stains, you can get them whitened at this good Dentist in west point.

 3. Coconut water- the best refreshing drink

 Coconut water has basically zero calories and is naturally sweet. It is hydrating, energizing, and super beneficial for your skin & hair. It regulates the body’s nervous system and fluid level. So, it helps with energy levels.

Try this drink rich in antioxidants, potassium, and electrolytes before lunch, early morning or mid-evening. If you are someone who doesn’t like drinking water, drink this as it will keep your water level high.

 4. Apple juice

 Juices have more calories than whole fruit. However, some days when you are feeling drowsy, sipping on apple juice will help. It can make you alert and focused. Also, it has tons of nutrients and enough sugar to make you feel energetic without gulping down a red bull. Make it home and drink it fresh for better effect.

 5. Green tea

 Lunch can make you feel sleepy. If you are already feeling quite lethargic, a heavy lunch will make you wish you could sleep and not do anything else. Thus, sipping on green tea can benefit you extremely.

It is rich in antioxidants, caffeine, and l-theanine. All these ingredients make you feel alert and full of energy. Also, they do not give you any jitters, which few people can get from caffeine.

You can drink green tea hot or iced, it will work the same on your system.

 6. Water

 The best drink of all is water. It is natural and helps fight fatigue or restlessness that you may feel at times. It hydrates your body, keeps hunger pangs at bay, and is necessary for your body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water. Set an alarm if you are someone who keeps forgetting to drink the water due to their hectic work schedules.

 7. Yerba mate

 It is a drink native to South America. You can consume it as tea and it alerts you and gives you an energy boost similar to coffee. It has amino acids and antioxidants, which are great for your body as well.

 Do give these 7 healthy drinks a try! They have multiple health benefits (take in the limit, though). Also, practice some form of exercise every day and work on your sleep pattern to feel energized every day.