7 Evergreen Cool Colors For Logo Design

We usually associate logos with identities. When we see a unique and memorable logo, we tend to remember it more than others. That is why, for any business to stand out from the competition, its logo can become a defining factor. There are three things, in particular, that should be included in any good cool colors for logo design – Name, style, and color. 

Cool Colors For Logo Design
Cool Colors For Logo Design

Realizing what tones go together is an ability in itself, and it’s anything but a positive effect on all aspects of your life. While designing a logo, keep in mind that the right color combination means half the work done. Something that you will like for your business and something your potential customers will remember as well.

There are colors from the whole spectrum to choose from. Of course, it is a good idea to narrow it down! Let us see what the best color combinations for your new logo that you can pick out are. 

7 Industry Favourite Combinations to Consider

1. Grey & White: If you are going for something mellow but distinct, grey and white can be the combination to pick out. It may seem a little drab at first sight, but these two colors have many potentials to play around with. If one can get creative, some patterns and styles would go beautifully on this layout. Be it white text on grey or the other way round, there are a number of combinations to explore.

2. Green & Yellow: If your business is leaning towards an eco-friendly motto or supports a sustainable way of life, combining green and yellow can work as a subtle hint. You can use a dark or light shade of green with bright yellow to highlight the name and logo. These two colors indicate youth, energy, and brightness, so it can be a really good color to present to your younger crowd of customers.

3. Red & black: Easily one of the most loved color combinations for anyone, the red and black combination can rarely go wrong. If you are looking to have a stunning logo, this should definitely be your combination of choice. However, it is important to make sure that your logo uses a font or style that makes it stand out. Since the color is such a popular one, there may be a chance of getting plagiarised.

4. Orange & Black: A strong and classy pair of colors, this combination can be used essentially for the food and clothing industries. The black color as the backdrop can allow a number of styles to be used on it. The lighter orange color can prove to be a beautiful font style and make for a very classy design for any business.

5. Black & Yellow: If you want your business to be representative of brightness, energy, or anything related to the entertainment industry. Using the yellow emojis in the foreground of the black color can be a fantastic idea to style up a logo. This combination can interest more people for music and art festivals and be a great poster for any social media campaign.

6. Purple & Pink: If you go to any popular barber logo maker, there is a chance you can find the purple and pink combination in abundance! For potential customers of a salon, the purple and pink colors can be matched with the color of different hair products. Using these two colors as the main logo color of a salon can make it a really attractive design.

7. Pink & Red: If you are looking to establish a business in the fashion or design industry, the pink gradient is perhaps the most attractive combination to choose. The contrast of these two beautiful colors makes it the perfect design for a simple yet aesthetic logo. Either of the colors can be good for the text on the logo, which makes it versatile as well.