7 Essential Types of Video Marketing For 2022

7 Essential Types of Video Marketing

Experts predict the online video platform industry will be worth USD 22.85 billion by 2028. There’s no doubt consumers enjoy watching video content, and companies are increasingly turning to video advertising to boost their revenues. 

But, what are the types of video marketing that will be trending this year? By investing in the best video advertising techniques, you could get ahead of the competition and gain a huge number of new customers. The good news is this list will answer all your questions and give you some great video marketing ideas.

Let’s dive in and learn more about video marketing in 2022.

1. Live Streaming

It can seem daunting to provide your customers with content during a live stream, but this is a popular trend that looks set to continue. One of the benefits of this type of video advertising method is that consumers can message you while you talk and you can answer in real-time.

2. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can allow you to let customers choose which kind of content they see next, and people can even move the camera to view the recording from different angles. This is a great way to hold a consumer’s interest as they won’t just be passively watching your recording. 

3. User-Generated Videos

A powerful brand promotion technique is to post user-generated content. Potential buyers can learn what current customers think of your products, helping them decide if they will make a purchase. 

4. Short-Form Videos

It doesn’t have to take long to effectively market your brand using video advertising. Short-form content is ideal for gaining the attention of busy consumers who don’t have time to watch longer recordings. 

5. Vlogging

Blog content is already massively popular, so it’s little surprise that vlogging is also gaining a huge following. This marketing method is ideal for storytelling, allowing you to add new information to your vlog each week to keep your customers intrigued.

If this seems like the video advertising method for you, you may want to create a content calendar to keep your marketing campaign on track. You could also benefit from working with a high-quality commercial video production company that can make your videos look professional.

6. Shoppable Videos

When customers are watching a shoppable video, they can make purchases without leaving the recording. This cuts out a step in the buying process, making it easier for consumers to purchase your products. 

7. Demonstration Videos

Performing demonstrations is ideal for marketing videos. You can show customers how to use your products, and explain why they should make a purchase. You can also insert stunning mockup product designs to add creativity to your demonstration videos. You only have to make the video once and can then reuse the content for many years across a range of marketing platforms. 

Pick Your Favorite Types of Video Marketing

You can select your favorite types of video marketing ideas and create content that engages and captivates your audience. Whether you choose to make short clips or longer demo videos, it’s possible to build your brand and make sales through this medium. 

Video marketing could soon be the number one advertising technique for your business!

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