6 Ways to Retain Existing eCommerce Customers

6 Ways to Retain Existing eCommerce Customers
6 Ways to Retain Existing eCommerce Customers

The issue of customer retention is relevant for all entrepreneurs who want to develop their business. Many have experienced loss of clients for various reasons. We will tell you how to retain the client and create a large base of consumers interested in buying on a permanent basis. below in this article, we will cover the 6 Ways to Retain Existing eCommerce Customers.

Every day the site is visited by different customers. A competent strategy of customer retention involves splitting customers into segments.

  • The main stages of separation of customers online store:
  • Visitors who have registered, but do not make purchases.
  • New clients of the site.
  • Regular customers.
  • Leaving the site customers who have ordered once.

This division helps to better understand the logic of customers who come to the site. Each group has its own model of behavior and for each segment its own methods of influence. You can find out your statistics of customers with the help of eCommerce reporting. Newly registered should be carefully pushed to buy, offering actual and tempting offers.

New customers need to try to provide service at the highest level. Do not forget about regular customers who actively make purchases, think about a system of incentives for them. Leaving the site clients, the most difficult case, but they can also be returned.

6 tips on how to retain visitors to the online store

Reasons for visitors to the site go away can not always be understood at once. In order to understand them, it is necessary to go through 6 steps, which will help to keep clients.

Situation analysis

Use the sales funnel to analyze your problems. It lets you know what attracts or repels customers. Based on the results of the received data, you can draw a conclusion about the stage at which customers leave and what exactly they do not like.

Mailing list

The email reminds you of an online store and offers you can’t miss. Some visitors come to the site, look for something interesting, but do not buy immediately, leaving the question for later. Having received the letter to the post office, the client can decide to make a purchase. For example, because now the action on this product.


The blog’s stores get 70% more visitors than the ones that only do the site. It is worth thinking about creating a blog or improving it, if it exists. Add interesting content, regularly fill in the blog and the influx of buyers is guaranteed.


Surveys help to find out what needs to be improved or improved. It is worth wondering what the visitors of the online store think. Which offers and formats are more attractive to them, and which are not interesting at all. And much more can be learned through surveys.


Answer the questions that clients have to answer promptly. The delay may result in the loss of the customer or he will be dissatisfied with the service. Such visitors can spread information about the quality of service, which can aggravate the reputation of the online store.

Bonus system

Profitable offers and promotions are a good way to attract and retain customers. At the same time, the accumulative bonus system attracts customers much more efficiently and faster. They do not understand it themselves, they want to buy more to get the accumulation of bonuses. They can be given for registration, subscription to a blog, repost or liking, and of course for the purchase.

How to create a good reputation with reviews?

Customer reviews published online to play a crucial role in the reputation of online stores. Feedback gives customers the opportunity to get the necessary information, and shops – a credit of trust from customers.

Reviews and comments published on specialized sites are useful for both buyers and owners of Internet companies. If the online store provides quality services, most of the reviews of it will be positive.

It is known that consumers trust reviews more than advertising. Understanding the importance of the impact of reviews, you can make any reviews work on the reputation of the online store.

How to do this?

1) Track online reviews of the online store and its products.

It is very important to know the opinion of consumers about the goods and services, positive and negative sides of the company’s work, timely identify shortcomings and contribute to their early elimination.

2) Respond to all complaints and comments from online store customers.

Feedback is very important for all customers, and especially for those who are dissatisfied.

Responding to each comment, the store employees show how valuable the client is to them. Polite and attentive attitude to consumers creates a positive public opinion about the company. And an adequate response to the negative feedback allows you to present the online store at its best.


Following our advice, you will be able to retain existing customers. Remember, it all depends on you, don’t forget, you need to retain the client.