6 Travel Trailer Accessories You Should Have on Your Road Trip

Travel Trailer Accessories
Travel Trailer Accessories

Embarking on your first RV adventure is an incredibly exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. You’ll be constantly on the road and away from the safety and convenience of the city, so you have to rely on your knowledge and skills to survive. Below the article, here find the Travel Trailer Accessories.

Although road-tripping on an RV allows more comforts than taking a normal car does, it also has certain challenges, including keeping water supply clean, preventing power surge, and emptying sewage tanks. Fortunately, you can prepare for some of these by equipping your RV with the right accessories. Check out this a-frame trailer.

Water Filtration System

Most RVs have at least two or more tanks for storing water and waste. The freshwater tank should be located in a central location to make it more accessible to the sink, shower, and toilet.  Freshwater doesn’t keep for a long time. It will eventually grow slime and algae, so you have to drain the tank and replace the water regularly.

Unless you stock up on bottled water (which can get expensive), you will have to get your drinking water from that very same tank. And some refill stations don’t dispense distilled water, but they use well water instead. A water filtration system in your RV will remove contaminations in your water supply, so you have clean, potable water.

Silent Generator

You need a generator to power your appliances so you can enjoy the same conveniences you have at home. Heating food in a microwave, using a hairdryer, and toasting bread—these are all tasks that require the use of electricity, but not all trailers have generators. And some that have them are not equipped with full utility hookups so you can enjoy all your creature comforts.

Choosing the right generator depends on what type of RV you’re driving. A diesel-run RV would usually plenty of appliances, so a diesel-powered generator, which is the most powerful type, would be most suitable. For a midsize RV with moderate power needs, a gas-powered generator would do well. Propane-powered generators can handle fewer power demands, so it’s ideal if you don’t need a lot.

When you’ve figured out which type you need, be sure to choose a model that runs silently. You don’t want to disturb the peace and quiet of the wilderness every time you make coffee or prepare a snack.

Surge Protector

More often than not, you have to plug into various sources of power to run your RV and get the same conveniences you can get at home. Dealing with electricity requires special care. You can’t plug in and turn on everything at the same time. Plugging in too many electronic devices can overload the outlet or circuit and cause a power surge.

A power surge, or even a nanosecond spike, cause serious damage to your RV’s electrical system. You can protect your trailer’s electrical system by installing a power surge protector. If you experience frequent power issues and unstable weather conditions during your travels, then getting a power surge protector is necessary.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Your RV is your home away from home. If you have to keep your actual house clean all the time, there’s no reason you should do that with your RV. A clean and organized environment is a safer, healthier, and more comfortable place to live in.

Most people who go RV traveling want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy some peace and quiet, rejuvenate their mind, and look for inspiration. A cluttered environment is not conducive for getting any of those three. That’s why a portable vacuum cleaner is a road-trip must-have for any RV traveler.

During your travel, you may traverse rough, dirt roads, which can leave your trailer covered with dust. You can take care with most the mess quickly with a vacuum cleaner. It can save more time, cover more area, and clean hard-to-reach corners compared to broom, duster, or rag.

RV Macerator Pump

An average person uses the toilet at least 10 times a day. It would be most inconvenient if you have this frequently to find someplace to heed nature’s call. Save yourself the trouble by installing a toilet in your travel trailer.

When choosing an RV macerator pump for your van, consider the unit’s durability, size, and ease of installation. Chances are, you’ll be on the road or away from civilization for most of your travel. You don’t need a unit that breaks down easily. In addition, the space is usually limited in an RV, so you’ll have to choose space-saving models. A bulky unit with lots of complicated mechanisms simply won’t do.

RV Sewer Hose

Living away from the convenience of home and home services means you have to deal with most of the maintenance of your RV, like emptying the black and gray water tanks of your trailer.

It isn’t safe to unload your black water tank anywhere as it contains human waste and unsafe bacteria. You have to drive to an RV dump station to drain your water tank. The same goes for your emptying your gray water tank. More often than not, you have to do the unloading yourself.

The job would be easier with a high-quality RV sewer hose. Many RVs come with a cheap sewer hose that you shouldn’t trust, especially if it has thin walls, which can puncture easily.

An excellent sewer house should be leakproof and virtually indestructible. One that also has permanently attached fittings, a clear viewing port, and a smooth inside to avoid pockets that can trap debris. Save yourself from a traumatizing ordeal, and get the sewer house that gets the job done, minus the mess.

Safe Travels!

Going on a road trip on your RV can be one big adventure, but it can also turn into your worst nightmare. Life on the road can be harsh. You can’t enjoy the same conveniences and comforts that you had when you were staying in a house.

But going on a long road trip can also teach a lot of things and let you experience things that never would have encountered if stayed rooted at home. Sure, RV traveling has its challenges, but they’re all part of the experience. The best you can do is to plan and prepare as thoroughly as you can and just enjoy your adventure.