6 Tips To Create Online Training Courses For Employees With Learning Limitations

6 Tips To Create Online Training Courses For Employees With Learning Limitations
6 Tips To Create Online Training Courses For Employees With Learning Limitations

The world of learning has rapidly evolved from paper-pen based learning to digital learning. However, the best and the most efficient form of that is the online training course. These courses are available to everyone who has an internet and a device to access the course. Below in this article, we will cover the 6 Tips To Create Online Training Courses For Employees With Learning Limitations.

Well, if you are also looking to create your own online training course but are unable to do so due to minor problems such as unavailability of the e-learning script then you must look for open-source e-learning PHP script. Through these scripts you will be able to create your e-learning platform, however, it would be difficult for you to create a course suited for everyone, especially people with learning limitations.

If you are determined to make online training course that benefits those with learning limitations then we are here to extend a hand of help for you. Here are some of the top tips that would help you create learning courses for employees with learning limitations.  

Improve Your Content

Content is the key element of a learning platform if your content is not good enough then chances are that people will not even visit your e-learning platform. So it is necessary that you add something extra in your content other than the text. If your content is all text, then it is going to make your online course boring like the other courses on the internet. So its recommended to make your content more readable, interesting by adding examples, photos and most importantly precise and presentable. 

Well the content needs to be specific that is related to the topic, there is no need for you to go round and round about things. Explain things in clear and simple words directly. Also, don’t forget to work on the layout, spacing, highlighting the text and the other components of the text to make your text more presentable. 


Sometimes just giving example in the lectures is not enough, it is also important to add some extra resource related to the course in order to make employees understand things more clearly. These resources vary from course to course, but a simple and crucial resource that can be added to every course is the practice material along with the instant results. Don’t worry these types of features comes inbuild in the e-learning PHP script. You just have to attach the resources, also it is recommended to attach a notes pdf resource at the end of the course. This way your users won’t have any further problems in revising things after the course. Yes, they can simply revisit the course, if they don’t understand things via notes 

Be Flexible 

Keep in mind that the courses are made in order to teach people with learning limitations. So, you need to be flexible with the course pace. It would be better if the employee themselves decides the pace of the course according to their understandability. After all, the most important thing is that employees are learning and making progress. So keep an open mind, stay flexible, and don’t be afraid to take your time and adjust your streaming lectures to keep everyone on the same page.

Simple UI 

Your users are here to learn through your course, so don’t make them waste their time in getting familiar with your user interface. So, make sure to keep your user interface as simple as possible. Keep it simple enough that your users must be able to navigate through your e-learning site, even when they visit the website for the first time. 


Always consider feedback for improvement from your users. In this case there can be two types of feedback, first, the course feedback and the other is the platform feedback. Both courses and platforms must be updated accordingly. 


Always provide an overview of the course to your employees. They must know what type, of course, they are getting into and what will they learn. It is also important in your order to trace their progress if your platform does not have a separate element for that.  

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