6 Tips For Styling Your Summer Fits 

Styling Your Summer Fits 

Summer is here! What better way to embrace the season than through your fashion? This summer, go bold with statement colors and patterns, and don’t be afraid to express the real you. Read on for six more tips on implementing brave style choices for your summer fits!

Start With The Basics 

Dressing for summer fashion begins with the basics. You need classic wardrobe staples to set the tone for your outfits and to give you a foundation to work with for every look you create. Start by gathering a collection of jean shorts, solid-colored tee shirts, tank tops, and summer essentials for footwear options like sneakers, flip-flops, and sandals. Show off your favorite kicks and get a collection of go-to footwear like tennis shoes, high-tops, and name-brand sneakers. Ankle-length socks are in and will look great with any sneaker you’re considering. 

Dress For Success

After you’ve compiled your basics, grab a few wildcard items you’ll want to set aside for summer parties and gatherings. Dress for success with cocktail dresses, women’s slacks, flowy blouses, and other formal summer attire. Look for lightweight fabrics to create your formal looks so that you can stay cool despite the summer heat. Formal wear tends to be more elaborate in fabric and detail, so looking for items that allow for style without compromising your temperature comfort is essential. As a rule of thumb, scan tags for cotton fabrics included in your items as an easy way to determine if a piece of clothing will feel breathable or not. 

Go Bold With Color

This summer, go bold with color combinations. From outfits in bright tones like teal and aqua to all-in-one stylings such as an all-red jumpsuit, these are all in style. Channel your warrior within and see which colors bring out your skin tone and natural beauty and stick with those options. 

For even more self-expression, express yourself through fashionable prints like floral and geometric patterns. Embrace your tropical shirts and bohemian-inspired, ankle-length skirts. Bloom this summer with a wardrobe that is full of color and detail. 

Linen Is In

The “coastal grandma” aesthetic is now in. We mean linen blouses, beach pants, oversized sun hats, eco-friendly tote bags, and flip-flops. Look classy for the beach while staying cool in breathable fashion items. For bonus points, grab a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete your look. Shop for organic fabrics when you can to get the best quality for your money. 

Get Summer Accessories

Once you’re done creating your outfits, pair them with the best summer accessories. Currently in, is moonstone jewelry and other minimalist-inspired artisan jewelry creations. 

Look for jewelry items that implement crystals and gemstones into their designs. For a chic and bohemian look, consider these modern approaches to jewelry. Custom-made jewelry is where it’s at this summer! 

Sustainable Summer Fashion

Shop sustainable stores for summer fashion items you won’t want to miss. You never know what you’ll come across when shopping in thrift stores and consignment shops near you, or perhaps try “DIY”-ing some of your old clothes. You might score vintage items like 80s-inspired spandex and other summer-focused items. 

Grab a collection of oversized tee-shirts and create looks that bring the best of fashion’s past to the present. Don’t forget your scrunchie and fanny pack to create iconic 80s looks that are here to stay. 

The Bottom Line

This summer, style your summer fits with the best of the best. Go for sustainable, iconic items with authentic color patterns that celebrate your personality and the summer season. Consider the suggestions above; you’ve got all you need to create epic summer styles this summer.