6 Tips for Finding the Best Hats for People with Big Heads

Best Hats

A hat is a type of accessory with several uses. Wearing a hat keeps your hair in place and protects you. A hat shields your scalp and face from the sun and rain. Wearing hats help you express yourself and improve your style at many events.

But not all hats are created equal. Every hat type compliments a specific personality, style, class, and facial shape. Buying a hat might be difficult because few places carry all sizes, and most retailers typically have a one-size tag. Additionally, there are limited clothing brands that offer a variety of sizes, designs, and colors.

Even if you have a big head, buying a large-sized hat doesn’t guarantee a tight fit. Each person has a unique head shape; therefore, it can be too tight, bulky, or inappropriate for your style. This article can help you pick the ideal hats for large heads.

Consider the Crown’s Height

For hats to fit large heads comfortably and attractively, the crown height is crucial. You can find the depth required to fit a bigger head circumference in hats with a somewhat taller crown. 

The hat will fit securely on your head without looking excessively tight or appearing out of proportion if the crown is higher. However, watch out for crowns that are too tall; they risk dominating your entire appearance. Aim for a harmonious crown height that compliments your style and offers a touch of elegance.

Understand Dimensions

It’s critical to comprehend how businesses determine their sizes while purchasing hats. Some hat makers use large, medium, and small, while others utilize a numerical system. 

Finding an appropriate size for your big head might be made easier if you know a brand’s sizing methodology. It’s also critical to remember that hat fit might vary depending on the type and material used. 

To guarantee an ideal and secure fit, always consult the brand’s size guide and take precise measurements of your head

The most typical method of determining a hat’s size is head circumference, however, some people also take head shape into account and modify it appropriately. Choosing a hat one size bigger than your estimated size is a good general principle.

It’s worth the effort to locate a hat that fits and looks beautiful, so don’t give up even if you need to try on several sizes or brands.

Consider Your Face Shape

Consider Your Face Shape

You should match the design and shape of the hat you wear to your facial shape. Decide whether your face is round, long, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, square, or oval, and then select a hat that accentuates the inherent angles of that shape.

What style of hat would suit you best depends a lot on the form of your face. Select hats with broad brims that cut over the forehead for those with long faces, like cowboy hats, summer hats, or other styles. 

Round faces look wonderful in angular hats like fedoras, and a beanie can lengthen a round face. Make sure to choose hats with wide or floppy brims should you possess a square face. Panama or a cowboy hat compliments the angles of a square face. Baseball caps and fedoras look fantastic on faces with a heart shape.

You should place any hat backward on your head if your face shape is like a diamond. Pull-on hats provide you with a cozy appearance without making your face look shorter. You can rock most hat types if you’re blessed with an oval face.

People with big heads often have big faces, round chins, soft characteristics, and broad jawlines. Therefore, if you have a large head, a fedora, a Panama, or a hat with a wide brim will look great on you.

Consider a Custom-Made Hat

Having a hat built for you is the easiest thing in the world. No matter how huge or irregularly shaped your head is, a hat designed specifically for you will always suit you effectively.

Beyond that, you can select any design, preferred material, and favorite color. Get a custom-made hat that exactly fits your large head by placing an order today with your specifications for design, material, and color.

Consider Adjustable Straps

A hat with an adjustable strap is another option to consider if you have a big head. The snapback hat unquestionably wins this category. Every snapback’s adjustable plastic piece allows the hat to fit practically anyone’s head. It is especially useful if you don’t want to deal with the stress of measuring your head and comparing it to the hat’s specifications.

You can put on any hat that has adjustable straps, no matter what. Additionally, because they aren’t customized and need less labor to design than other hats, adjustable strap hats are typically less expensive than others. As a consequence, you may cut costs without sacrificing quality and elegance.

Buy Hats with Stretchy Materials

People with big heads are frequently aware of it and would often cover it. You might find a solution by donning a stretchy but attractive hat. If your head is big, a beanie might be your best bet.

The flexible material considers your head’s shape to hide any irregular curves. Nowadays, a lot of beanies are available in attractive colors. Beanie materials today include acrylic, rayon, cotton, polyester, Kevlar, and nylon in addition to the traditional ones.

Your big head will fit well in a hat that extends without looking out of place. It will increase your comfort and give your clothing more style.

Finding the Best Hats on Your Big Head

Best Hats on Your Big Head

Finding a hat design that you adore is possible even if you have a large head. Usually, hats having wide brims can serve to enhance a person’s facial characteristics and look better on persons with larger heads.

Cowboy, beanies, and Panama hats are excellent choices if you’re looking for fashionable hats for large heads because they fit big heads well and are trendy.

It’s essential to have precise head measurements if you want your hats to fit you perfectly. A hat that fits your head size and shape should be your first choice. Comfort, self-assurance, and durability are the most crucial aspects to consider while purchasing a hat.