5 Ways to Structure an Outline for a College Paper

5 Ways to Structure an Outline for a College Paper
5 Ways to Structure an Outline for a College Paper

Writing a college paper is challenging but a normal part of academic life. Each student tasked with writing a college paper, no matter what the subject, should create a well-structured outline to help guide a logical method for presenting an argument. As a college student, you should be ready to write numerous academic papers like abortion essay geek or writing a history essay. As a college student, you’ve probably have heard that outlining is a necessary step to writing a great assignment – but you’ve may have never put this method into action. Here’s what professionals recommend you do to save time while still crafting a great outline for any writing assignment. Below in this article, we will cover the 5 Ways to Structure an Outline for a College Paper.

1. Pick an Appropriate Structure for the Assignment

Take a close look at the assignment prompt and brainstorm an appropriate structure for the college paper. Most academic papers follow a five-paragraph format but this all depends on the topic. The important thing is that you keep to the three essential components (introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion). If you are uncertain of the right structure, check with your professor before you do anything else. 

2. Conduct Research and then Arrange Your Discussion Points

The topic you choose can make or break the entire college paper assignment. You should select something that you can manage but also something that challenges you academically. You can conduct background research to learn more about the topic, but the majority of your research information should come from reliable resources. This is mostly done at the library where current academic and government resources are available. Arrange your notes into related sub-topics and start arranging your material in a notebook or index cards. This will provide you with the content you need to create an outline.

3. Start Filling in the Info for the Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs make up the core of your college paper. Each paragraph should be dedicated to a single discussion point in support of your thesis. Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence, followed by your thoughts on that topic, and then backed up with examples and pieces of evidence. A closing transition statement helps the reader as he or she moves from one topic to the next. The college paper should be consistent from start to finish, so make sure each body paragraph in your outline follows the same style and format.  

4. Fill in Content for the Introduction and Conclusion

The content for the introduction and conclusion should be put in last. The reason for this is that these two paragraphs will frame the entire college paper and put all of the material contained with the body paragraphs into proper context. The essential parts of the introduction are the hook, the background information, and the thesis statement. The essential parts of the conclusion are the rewritten thesis (a reminder of central argument), the summary and synthesis of the discussion points, and a closing statement. 

5. Review the Outline and Rearrange Info if Necessary

Proper time-management should mean that you have time to set the college paper outline aside for at least a day or two. This allows you to review the outline from a fresh perspective, thus making it easier to identify and key-in on details that can be improved upon before you jump into writing the first draft. Make sure all of your discussion points are strong and are backed with great supporting evidence. Revise sentences or phrases so that you can quickly write on them without having to think too much.

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