5 Ways To Fix Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On After Shutdown

Fitbit is a smartwatch which is also known as a health tracker and it is used by many people to track their fitness records. It is Developed with the latest technology It is the best tracker for those who are searching for a fitness tracker at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter how wonderful it is, but it makes really irritating when your fitness tracker refused to turn on.

Several users reported that Fitbit versa refused to turn it on. But this, not such a big issue, you can fix this issue with little effort and by using correct fixes. Here you will find the best solutions to fix Fitbit versa won’t turn on. You also get information about which scenarios leading to this issue.

Fitbit Versa

Why My Fitbit Versa Won’t Turn On?

There may be several reasons to stop Fitbit versa from turning on. But these are the some of possible causes.

  • Fitbit not updated.
  • Due to hardware or software issues.
  • Drained battery.
  • Charging issues.
  • Syncing issues.

After knowing the reasons why Fitbit Versa won’t turn on, let us find the solution to fix that issue.

1. Restart Fitbit Versa

Before going to repair your Fitbit versa first it’s better to restart. Because it is just like a mini-computer, so by restarting the device mostly the issues will be fixed. So to restart your Fitbit Versa follow the steps below.

1. Press the “Back and Bottom” keys together and hold them for few seconds.
2. After you saw the Fitbit logo on your screen release those buttons.
3. Wait for some time until Fitbit Versa turn on.

2. Charge your Fitbit Versa

If restarting your Fitbit versa won’t be able to fix the issue, then it may be out of charge. Sometimes this kind of issue occurs due to some battery draining problems. This kind of issue will occur when your battery won’t carry charging for a long time. Due to this while turn on your smartwatch, it will show a low battery. Most people like us will forget to charge the device, if there is no charge Fitbit Versa won’t turn on. So keep your device in charge and get rid of this issue.

3. Verify the Charger

After connecting to the charger again restart your smartwatch after some time. If still, it won’t turn on, then just check your charger whether it is working or there is damage. If there is any damage to your charger then the smartwatch will not charge and the device automatically dies.

4. Factory Reset Your Device

After trying all the above solutions but still, your smartwatch has the same issue then you have to do a factory reset of your device. Which will completely reset(erase everything) your device

By taking this step you will be lost all the progress and the stored data from your device. But after performing this action you will get a new smartwatch again with good performance. Follow the steps below to do a factory reset to your device.

1. First hold all the three buttons of your smartwatch for more than 10 seconds.
2. After you find the Fitbit logo on the smartwatch screen then just release the right bottom button, and you have to hold the other two buttons.
3. After some time if you feel your device is vibrating, then you confirm that factory settings will be restored.
4. Again for the second time you will find the Fitbit logo on the screen, Now for your watch boots and shows go to fitbit.com/setup.

5. Contact Fitbit Support

After doing a factory reset, but still, your smartwatch fails to turn on, there might be a software or hardware issue. So in this case you have to contact Fitbit customer care. So that they can scan it.If there is any issue in the battery and it requires replacement or there is any damage to the motherboard. No matter any issue related to your smartwatch you can contact customer care and they will send you to a professional to check your gadget.