5 Signs You Need to Hire an Accident Attorney

 Accident Attorney

It might surprise you to learn that the average driver will experience a car accident at least once every 17.9 years

You can hope you never have to deal with the fallout of a serious car accident, and maybe you’ll be lucky. If you’re already suffering the effects of a car accident, you know how difficult and devastating it can be. 

Of course, there’s a big difference between a minor fender bender and an accident with injuries or multiple cars. 

Knowing when to get an accident attorney for help can be challenging. Some people feel like they’re overreacting, yet the reality is that there are consequences of a bad accident, and sometimes you need help.

Read to learn more about some of the times when you should absolutely get the help of a car accident attorney.

1. Uncooperative Insurance Company

One thing many accident victims face is difficulty with insurance companies. In fact, some insurance companies are known for giving the run around to victims who don’t have an attorney. 

Or worse, they quickly try to get a settlement so they can grossly underpay. If your accident wasn’t your fault, you likely have to deal with someone else’s insurance company. 

This is an important time to get a car accident attorney because insurance companies are much more likely to pay attention to a good attorney.

2. Multiple Parties Involved

A car accident with multiple vehicles is just much more complex. You have multiple drivers and insurance companies to navigate, and all want the other one to pay. 

If there is any corporate element to your case, like a company vehicle was involved, then there’s also a business to deal with too. 

An accident lawyer will know where to start when dealing with all the parties and is experienced at negotiating.

3. Serious Injury or Death

You need the help of a personal injury attorney if the accident had any type of injury or death. Most people can’t imagine the number of bills, expenses, and long-term costs incurred because of an injury accident. 

Not only do you have medical care and long-term rehabilitation, but you’ve also likely missed work due to the accident. 

An accident attorney also knows how to calculate your pain and suffering in settlement negotiations. 

4. Overwhelmed With the Accident and Injury

You want to contact these accident attorneys if you’re overwhelmed with figuring out your accident. 

If you have an injury, you should focus on healing, not nagging and haggling, with an insurance company. And, unfortunately, an insurance company isn’t afraid to take advantage of you.

A good personal injury attorney will know how to gather evidence to support your case and will handle the details of a claim and settlement for you.

5. Settlement Issues

While most accident claims end in settlements, they don’t all go that way. Sometimes, the amount being offered is not enough. 

Sometimes, taking a case to court is necessary if you can’t get a fair settlement.

Once you hire an attorney, the slow-moving settlement talks are often resolved because the insurance company knows they can’t get away with dragging their feet anymore. 

Get the Help You Need from an Accident Attorney

It’s terrible to be involved in a car accident, especially one you’re not at fault for. It makes sense to hire an accident attorney to protect your rights and get the settlement you deserve. 

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