5 Resume Trends to Watch in 2023, and How to Get Ahead of the Curve

Resume Trends

The resume has changed drastically in the last year and will undoubtedly change again in the next. Many are wondering how to emphasize skills when many of the required skills change every month.

Everyone wants to know how to make a resume, but the best resumes are written for the specific job. We want a resume that stands out but follows resume trends to keep up with the changes in the coming year.

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1. Maximize Reach With Online Portfolio

In 2023, one of the most important professional resume trends to watch is the use of an online portfolio. This allows job seekers to display skills and qualifications in an accessible and professional manner.

It serves as an extension of the traditional resume. It may include items such as:

  • portfolios
  • videos
  • projects
  • recommendations from mentors
  • employers
  • peers

The use of an online portfolio allows job seekers to show the full scope of their knowledge and experience. Along with their accomplishments in an up-to-date and concise manner.

2. Optimize the AI Readable Resume

At the forefront of recruitment technology, employers will have the ability to quickly scan AI-readable resumes for ideal candidates. AI-readable resumes will be structured to include titles, bullet points, and descriptions written in machine language.

The job seeker will be able to use natural language programming (NLP) to help prepare the resume for AI readability by including key terms about job requirements and qualifications.

3. Next Level Aesthetic

In 2023, the resume trends to watch are all about clean aesthetics, customization, and effective storytelling. From video resumes and infographics to augmented resumes and templates, employers and job seekers have no shortage of ways to make a resume stand out.

Using a professional resume photo is another addition to your resume’s aesthetic. More and more people will be using headshot photography in resumes instead of the old plain photo.

4. Tailored Content for Different Job Applications

One top resume trend to watch is tailored content for different job applications. You should center your resume around your qualifications and accomplishments that are relevant to the job you’re applying to. Your content should match the job role and demonstrate that you have what it takes to be successful in the position.

Think about the keywords and phrases used in the job description and incorporate them into your resume. Additionally, format your resume to be device friendly.

5. Video Resumes for Long-Distance Applications

Video resumes for long-distance applications are a trend that is expected to be increasingly popular in 2023 as technology continues to evolve. As the demand for remote work increases, employers are looking to identify and evaluate candidates from different backgrounds and locations.

A video resume allows applicants to showcase their skills and personality more virtually, allowing employers to better understand them even from a distance. In the coming years, video resumes are a trend that job seekers should consider making their applications stand out.

Get Ahead of the Curve With These Resume Trends in 2023

In conclusion, the trends for resumes in 2023 will be focused on digital formats and quick read times. To be ahead of the curve it is important to include the most important details of your experience, such as relevant keywords, so hiring managers can find you more easily. Start preparing your resume now, and watch the offers come in!

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