5 Reasons You Should Always Call a DUI Lawyer

DUI Lawyer

Every year, more than 1.5 million people are arrested on DUI charges. These are some of the most common crimes in the world, but many people feel overwhelmed by the charges and struggle to cope. 

Working with DUI attorneys is the best way to protect yourself. But do you know about all the benefits of seeking legal representation in these trying times?

If you want to know all about how a DUI lawyer can help you through this situation, you’ve come to the right place. Read this guide to find out everything you need to know. 

Contest Charges With a DUI Lawyer

Lots of people are falsely accused of driving under the influence. Sometimes, field sobriety tests can fail, giving false positives and implicating innocent people. DUI lawyers can dig deep into the evidence, exposing any flaws in the prosecution’s arguments.

Besides, procedural issues can often come up in DUI cases. For example, you may have been stopped or questioned unlawfully. A good attorney can identify if this is the case and help you to fight the charges on these grounds. 

If your case goes to court, you’ll want legal representation to speak for you, laying out the facts of the case and fighting in your corner. While some people choose to represent themselves, this normally doesn’t go well. Remember that a lawyer has years of training and experience that they can use to help you in court. 

Help With Questioning

The authorities may want to question you in relation to a DUI charge. But without the right support, you could find yourself in a deeper hole. Lots of people say things to the police that can lead to more severe charges. 

It’s a police officer’s job to find out as much as possible about any criminal activity, getting all the information they can. Many police officers try to persuade people things will go better for them if they speak openly without consulting with a lawyer. Police officers may use leading questions and other underhanded techniques to encourage you to slip up.

When you speak to police officers, you may feel like you’re just having a friendly chat, or imparting basic information. But a simple slip of the tongue can land you in hot water. You have a constitutional right to have a lawyer.

As with any criminal charge, it’s best not to talk to the police unless you have your lawyer present. They can advise you on what to say to the police and they can also protect you from any unconstitutional behavior from police departments. 

Avoid Added Charges

Sometimes, DUI cases are pretty clear-cut. If you were pulled over and breath tested at the side of the road, there might not be much room for pleading not guilty! But you could face other charges, too. 

Police can sometimes get a little greedy with their charges. They might slap on extra charges, like reckless driving and resisting arrest. Suddenly, a simple DUI case can transform into something far more threatening with a potentially heavier sentence. 

DUI attorneys can help you to avoid additional charges. A good lawyer will go to great lengths to find out whether there is a way of having these charges thrown out. Alternatively, they can fight for you in court, gathering evidence and poking holes in the prosecution story. 

Help With a Plea Bargain

In many cases, pleading guilty is the best way forward in a DUI case. By holding your hands up and admitting you did wrong, you can get a more favorable outlook from the prosecution team. If this is your plan, it’s even more important to have a lawyer help you out. 

Plea bargains don’t just magically appear on the table. They need to be worked out by the prosecution and defense teams. Your lawyer should work hard to hash out a good deal for you.

You can get a significantly more lenient sentence if you go for a plea bargain. An experienced attorney can help to work out a good deal and give you advice on whether to take it. 

Good attorneys can give you advice on other ways to reduce your sentence. For example, attending a rehab clinic can help the judge to look at you more favorably. 

Get Your License Back

If you’re convicted of committing a DUI, you’re likely to lose your license. But that doesn’t mean you can never drive again. In most cases, DUI laws allow you to get your license back eventually.

But getting back on the road might not be easy. You’ll need to prove to the authorities that you’re safe to drive and that you’re not likely to commit another DUI.

A good attorney can help you get your license back at the earliest opportunity. They will guide you through the sometimes complicated appeals process and help to prove you’re safe to be back on the roads. 

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There are many reasons you might face a DUI charge. This can be a stressful time and lead to plenty of other consequences. Having a learned professional in your corner is the best way to fight the charges or reduce your sentence. 

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