Avoiding the Dark Side of the Web: 5 Reasons You Might Want to Employ a VPN

5 Reasons You Might Want to Employ a VPN

With the rapid development and evolution of our technology, we live in a world that is more connected than ever, especially with the internet allowing us to communicate with one another and access unlimited amounts of information at our convenience. Unfortunately, the very things that make the internet and this newly interconnected reality we live in so unique are the things that make it dangerous. With corporations and ISPs using lobbying power and their hard-earned money to impact our access to the internet, and the prevalence of hackers and people with malicious intent hiding in the very spaces we tend to frequent, it’s more important than ever to have the tightest possible security. 

While not a replacement for measures like a robust antivirus protection system, the implementation of a virtual private network (or VPN) can go a long way towards protecting your privacy and your data. With so many interested parties vying for your data, whether it’s ISPs looking to sell it to the highest bidder or hackers connected to public wi-fi networks in often-frequented places, best VPNs can add an extra layer of security, keeping your IP address and your internet activity where it belongs: in your hands. While employing the services of a VPN is not free, you might find that the variety of benefits using one can provide will more than justify your decision to invest in one. 

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Protecting Jailbroken Devices

You might have been there; Your device was made to promote the services of a specific company and had unnecessary manufacturing restrictions on it that made it essentially useless. Instead of treating it like a lost cause and accepting you wasted your money on the wrong branded product, you decided to jailbreak it instead, removing the superfluous restrictions and integrating third-party software that allowed your device to reach its full potential. Devices like the Firestick can be easily jailbroken, although the question of how you can keep your device secure once it’s jailbroken needs answering urgently. Whether you need to jailbreak your device to watch the NFL or download third-party apps/sites to watch free TV and movies, the proper VPN can keep your device safe and sound. 

Thwarting ISP Throttling

While internet service providers (ISPs) are not technically allowed to limit your access to services or other forms of content online, the recent rollback of net neutrality regulations has made it possible for them to “fast track” your access to services that pay more than others. In short, ISPs are constantly tracking your activity while you’re on their server, and if you access sites or services that didn’t pay their premium, the chances are that legally or not, your service is getting slowed. However, with a VPN, ISPs are no longer able to track your IP address, essentially hiding your activity from them and making it impossible for them to interfere with your internet access.

Getting Free TV and Movies

This is a smaller, lesser-known benefit of connecting to a VPN; VPNs alter your IP address, even making it possible for it to read as coming from a different country. As a result, if you notice that a film or TV series you want to watch is available on streaming services in another country, but that you’d have to pay to see it here, you can change your IP address’ country of origin to get access to that content for free. While of significantly less consequence than other items on this list, it’s a nice perk nonetheless. 

Safety When Connecting to Public Networks

By definition, public networks are open to anyone in the area, meaning hackers and people with malicious intent can access them and use them to track your activity and hijack your data. Unfortunately, for cybercriminals looking for an easy score, VPNs allow for protection while connecting to these networks, creating a private channel through which the network is accessed and keeping your data from these opportunists. 

Keeping Safe in Changing Times

Chances are that with the advent of the pandemic and the need for new technologies to accommodate post-COVID lifestyles, the integration of technology into every facet of our lives isn’t slowing down any time soon. Taking the initiative and using a service like a VPN might be exactly what you need to keep your information safe as the world continues to change around us.